Saturday, December 16

Unexplained Phenomenon or Symptom – The Vision And The Explanations Given by Dream Analysis

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Humanity still ignores the power of dreams. Today their tremendous importance is gradually becoming known thanks to my work, which proves that Carl Jung really discovered their hidden meaning.

Now that I continued his research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation we have all the explanations we need. The unconscious mind that produces dreams is a wise mind that works independently of the human mind. Its undoubtable wisdom and sanctity prove the existence of God.

Even though our civilization is characterized by atheism, various scientific discoveries in many different fields have already given us scientific proves of God’s existence. However, truths that go against powerful people’s interests are destined to remain hidden in our world. This is why the explanations found for the existence of various unexplained phenomena are still ignored by the majority of our population.

You should be open-minded and recognize how huge your ignorance is. Don’t have the narrow-minded attitude of those who deny learning something new because they remain forever attached to their old ideas.

All unexplained phenomena as well as all unexplained symptoms can be explained and understood when we translate the meaning of our dreams. The unconscious mind works like a natural doctor and teacher. All dream images contain important messages, with information, lessons and solutions. The vision we have when we learn the dream language helps us understand how all problems are originated, and to know their possible solutions.

We learn the meaning of life and the meaning of death. We understand how all mental illnesses are originated and how they can be prevented. We are able to cure mental and physical illnesses that are considered incurable by the medical community.

The same way, we learn why our planet was created, why humanity is suffering, and how we can achieve a level of global peace. The unconscious mind gives us answers for all questions. We realize that everything is related on our planet. The universe becomes known.

The unconscious mind shows us the other side of reality that we cannot see. Future predictions are true because nothing happens in our planet without a certain preparation. This is how we can prevent diseases, mental illnesses, and accidents.

The nature of our planet is very well organized because there is a purpose for our existence. We are not mere animals that live for a certain period of time and then die some day. Our psyche passes through a delicate process of transformation while we are alive. There is a destiny for everyone because our personalities must be transformed.

Therefore, if you want to find explanations for an unexplained phenomenon, you should study dream interpretation with my dynamic method. It is a simplification of Jung’s method, based on an instant translation from images into words. The unconscious wisdom will show you the truth.

In case you suffer from unexplained symptoms and you are tired of looking for explanations without finding answers, you can finally relax. Your dreams will give you the solutions you need. The unconscious mind will explain to you what is causing each symptom, and what you have to do to find peace.



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