Wednesday, December 13

Happiness or Confusion

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Have you ever felt as if you cannot go on…I know I have. I have reached a point in my life where nothing seems fun anymore, nothing seems worth the time. Everyone has fealt like this before…I’m sure, being as because what I am describing is depression, but I don’t think that I’ depressed. Yes, I do miss moments when I was happy. but at the age of 21 I still have a lot of life ahead of me to create more happy memories for myself. So I don’t think that I’m depressed but I do think that I’m unhappy. To be unhappy is so weird because how can one go out and say that they are happy. I’m alive so I’m supposed to be happy…come on. The point that I’m trying to reach here is that what makes me unhappy about life is the circumstances that control life. To be happy is to have a job, a house, a family, well at least that is the American dream, which is supposed to bring happiness. That doesn’t make sense to me, how cound that make one happy. It brings about a whole other batch of worries. The more i write, the more I get lost on the subject because it’s hard to get exaclty what I’m thinking in the depths of my brain down on paper (or in this case, onto the computer). This is my first article through this sight, more of an introduction to more to come.


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