Thursday, December 14

The Mechanic

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It all breaks.  Every time, it all breaks.  It always breaks.  I start the project, but it just breaks.  Usually I can take it all apart, but I can never put it back together. 

This time it was brakes.  F150 Automatic 4×4 front brakes, to be exact.  Not the brakes themselves, just the rusted rotors and hub.  Too much off-roading?  No, I seldom did that.  But somehow the rotors overheated and warped, and squeaked and shimmied, shaking the vehicle as pressure was applied to the pedal.  Got as far as purchasing the new pads and rotors at the local parts store, hoisting the truck off the ground, taking off the tires and old pads, and now there are pieces all over the garage.  Spread out, never to be put back together. 

My father was a great mechanic, and I think he wanted at least one of his sons would grow up with that same knowledge.  He used to spend a lot of time in the garage with a bunch of old rusted crap.  He could fix anything.  Only one time did I see him get really frustrated because he couldn’t figure something out.  After about three hours of positioning and rearranging this transmission to put into some old clunker, he realized that a piece of packing plastic was the entire reason it was stuck.  About two inches of pastic inserted into some screw-hole.  I think the whole problem was that the transmission was new, not old, and that the packaging piece was made out of plastic, instead of rust.  If it had been made out of rust, he would have had it figured out in 10 minutes instead of 3 hours.

It’s cold out there in the garage, wind comes ripping through the walls, and my will to succeed expires with the early nightfall.  Try again tomorrow or the day after?  Probably.  Do a little online research, watch some how-to vids, read a manual or two.  Probably still won’t be able to fix the situation.  Stays broken, stops my desire to complete the task, my drive breaks, it seems too hard. Have to take it to a mechanic.


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