Sunday, December 17

Wolf Memory

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In Loving Memory

Of a Great


Wolf Morton

10/20/67 – 11/13/2010


My World as I was new it has come a tumbbling down on my head.

My dear husband told me I love you then preceded to take our dog

Cynder for a walk.

After about 10 minutes I was wondering where my love was when

to my surprise my dog cynder came down the sidewalk alone.

I have never seen a dog look so lost ever.

So I got my mobility scooter out and went to find my love Wolf.

When I found him he was already gone. I could tell by the look of his face.

Now my world will never be the same.

You just never realize how much one counts on their partner in life until you

no longer have the support from them.

My life for the 5 years we were married was awesome not one argument ever.

He treated me as a queen and I thought of him as my King.

I know there will never be another that understood me as well as he did.

we were literally two peas made from the same pod.

We both enjoyed the little things life has to offer like

birds,butterflys,nature and much too much to mention.

I just thought I would share my feelings with all so as to maybe help

someone who is feeling like their whole world is in termoil as I understand

the termoil that life has thrown my way.

I no longer know what I can count on in life.

I also know life is way too short to ever hold any grudges.

because you may never get the chance to say I am sorry.

So please everyone take a moment to think about that person.

The one that if you had no more tomorrows you would have told how much you love

them and forgive them no matter what.


In Loving memory of my late husband Wolf Morton

the greatest man I will ever know. I love you Baby and I will see you again someday.

please wait for me.

Love Diane


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