Thursday, December 14

Social Networks Like Facebook

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It just may be possible that people will go to facebook to look for anything besides socializing because the website has made its way into featuring job sites, personal profiles, game sites and other goodies while you invite friends into sharing your information. At the same time it is difficult to predict what sort of controls will be placed on the social network site and what kind of direction it will take although it is suspected that facebook will encompass the internet. The internet may become facebook as one journalist on 60 minutes put it.

The CEO is humble in his approach and is probably well liked among his contributing staff. What started as a basement application for a Harvard grad has turn out to a windfall of billions of dollars that Mark Zuckerberg could never have imagined.

The founder of Facebook has made a great success of this site which can continue onwards and create new innovative features but he will have to deal with an ugly reminder of former colleagues that were shortchanged on a social idea that made facebook into a success. So they they say, when the founder argues that there was nothing special about that information that he used. A few ideas back, he made have been too pressured to face the decisions that he has to direct today but with the assistance of project management team, the site is always avant-guarde and highly competitive.

The internet might be restricted in the near future and that means that facebook could be included too as questions have been asked on the privacy of the site. The site says they respect an individuals privacy but there are applications which may or don’t do so. This has caused Zuckerberg to state that those sites would be removed should a person’s privacy be in jeopardy.

In the meantime as much as I like the exposure and can freely advertise my art, I am reticent to exposing too much which could be taken by rogue sites and used without my permission. What is the largest advantage of the site? That the site can keep a chronology of events and look back now and then to see the changing trends with those applications who develop new programs or change their platforms.

The site is on a collision course with Google as both are offering search engine information only google search still seems to be more advisable  especially when it comes to obsure site listings and rare topics.



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