Wednesday, December 13

A Successful Blog Isn't Beyond Your Reach!

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I started my first real blog, in 2009. When I first started blogging, I really had no idea what I was doing. I was so intrigued by the notion of making money blogging and all the hypes about blogs and blogging, that I just wanted to start my blog, despite knowing nothing, and I mean nothing about blogging, SEO or even how to buy a domain and hosting, much less knowing how to set up a blog.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by that. When I first bought my domain, I typed the URL into my browser, and went to start working on it! Yes, I thought, when you buy a domain, your blog is already set up, and you just go there to edit and publish your articles. I didn’t even know that I needed a hosting account. Yes, that’s how clueless I was! So, I did a lot of things the wrong way.

There are a few things that I would do differently if I could go back. The first thing would be my niche, which is online money making. With my eyes closed, I started a blog about making money online. Without knowing it, I had picked, one of the most competitive niches(if not the most)out there. A niche, that even pros have hard time ranking for most of its related keywords. I mean, I didn’t really pick the online money making niche. It was the only thing in my mind, the only thing I had some experience with. I had been trying to make money online for years and knew scams from legitimate ways to make money online. So, I thought I would write about that.

Knowing what I know now, I would have probably picked a much less competitive niche as my first niche. Which I could rank for easier, thus giving myself the self confidence and the motivation to go further.

There are other things I would have done differently as well. But, what I want you, as a newbie blogger, to take away from this post isn’t what I have done wrong that I would have done differently, but rather what I have done right. And that is my determination and commitment. I would have never change that. Despite knowing nothing about blogging, SEO, word press, coding, HTML, ad sense and everything else that goes with building and maintaining a blog, I never gave up. I started reading online forums and blogs and absorbing everything like a thirsty old sponge.

I don’t mean to brag. I am just hoping my very small success will motivate some of you out there. My blog is nowhere near being a real successful blog. But for me, it is! From last year and knowing nothing and thinking my blog was already there when I bought my domain, I have managed to get my blog to the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keywords in my niche. I have a steady flow of traffic coming to my blog everyday and its growing. And I managed to do all of that while working offline for 14 hours a day, and I never even paid a penny (that comment automation software was the only thing I paid for, beside the domain and hosting) to learn anything. I just used online forums and blogs to learn everything I know now (which isn’t much).

If there is one thing I want you take away from this post, it would be this “you can do this, IF, you put 100% of your effort behind it and commit to it. Be realistic! You can not build a successful blog over night. It takes time and real effort. But, if you are ready to do the work, a successful blog isn’t beyond your reach, even if you don’t know anything about it today!”


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