Friday, December 15

Is Julian Assange a Fraud? Is Our Government Overreacting?

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Suppose that you wanted to predict which elected, selected, or promoted politician or bureaucrats committed fraud.  You and I don’t have Julian Assanges’ supposed wikileaks so how would we do it?

Uncovering fraud in government could be as simple as applying basic principles.  Have you ever heard someone in government saying or doing something that made you think:  That makes no sense.  Yes, I hear you saying, but government does stupid things every day.  What does that have to do with fraud? 

What I am taking about is not the merely stupid things that government operatives do.  I am talking about government officials deliberately doing the opposite of what their job entails.  For instance government officials who put law abiding Americans through official sexual molestation pat downs and electronic pornography scanners while leaving the southern border so wide open that drug thugs and terrorist are even now waltzing across in broad day light.  Or federal officials who prosecute Arizona for asking where someone was born and letting actual law breaking officials in Los Angeles and San Francisco invite criminals to target their cities for crimes. 

When you see an official doing the just the opposite of what his job calls for you should ask yourself:  Is he taking a bribe?

This sort of reasoning can also be applied to sitting judges, news reporters, pundits, journalists and even union officials.  If a certain union official seems to be in favor of slave labor from illegal aliens you have to ask:  Who is bribing that guy?   After all, his union members are clearly harmed by slave labor.  So why would he support it?

So while  Assange may have encrypted, illegally obtained documents that make it possible to uncover some official corruption, it is possible that we may uncover even more by asking the questions that so called “investigative reporters” refuse to ask.

Here is another example.  Consider that in some industrial western nations, officials seem eager to destroy their own economies “for the environment” while leaving the economies of the true polluters, China and India, untouched.  Ask yourself who is bribing these officials?  Is this a conspiracy to destroy the west and make China the lone super power?  Or is it just a simple dollars and sense play.  If a certain billionaire knows that the western economies are going to conspire to flush their economies down the toilet, he could get into the currency market and make a killing by betting against our currencies.  He could make enough money in this way to bribe dozens of key officials.


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