Miguel Cabrera Fantasy Preview-2011

In 2010, everything came together Miguel Cabrera and he turned in a career year. Over the past decade, he has been one of the most consistent performers in fantasy baseball and he is just entering his prime. There are a lot of reasons for fantasy players to be excited about the future of this superstar. The only weakness in his fantasy game is the fact that he doesn’t run very much. There is really no reason to think that will change. Given his rare power and average combination, I think we can just look past that however. 

2011 projection: 321 avg, 37 hrs, 123 rbi, 108 runs, 5 sbs

If you are in a keeper league, and looking at the long term value, Miggy gained a lot of ground on Pujols last year. It is now very conceivable, maybe even inevitable, that Miggy will be the guy that takes the top spot away from Pujols in keeper formats. He is 3 years younger than Pujols and with another strong season, it will be very hard to argue that we should not put him ahead of Albert. While Pujols should not be expected to fall off anytime soon, the fact is players like Miggy, Troy Tulowitzki, Evan Longoria, Carlos Gonzalez and Joey Votto are just entering the prime of their careers. Miggy right now is the best of that group right now. 

For those of you in keeper leagues Miggy is a future number one overall. If you have him hold him and if you want him you had better come up with one heck of a package. I recently entertained some discussions about Miggy in a dynasty league and we came up with some very interesting ideas before settling on something much smaller that did not involve Cabrera. Just to give you an idea, we agreed that Buster Posey and Jason Heyward was not enough to get Cabrera. 

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