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Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard – Best Low Price Option?

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The Logitech G110 gaming keyboard is a relatively new addition to the Logitech range of products and is the cheapest of the current models in than range.
The target market for this model is Pc gamers who generally use their keyboard more for gaming than for general computing work and who require a more specialized unit than standard keyboards.

Firstly, the G110 has 12 game keys each of which are programmable with 3 macros each thus making a possible total of 36 permutations, for which the user can program in single or complex key operations, it also permits macro recording during a game.

There is no on board display screen with the G110 such as appears on the Logitech G19 or G510 models, and it is this fact alone that is probably the major contributing factor to the relatively low price of this model when compared to the others, of course, this is by no means an essential feature , a lot of gamers and most will be quite happy without it as it has little bearing on the ability to improve the game of the user but it can make things interesting if you are able to compare stats and such with other players.

The keys are not mechanical on the G110 and are consequently quiet and very smooth in operation and they appear to have just the right amount of ‘feel’ for most gamers.
Users will also be able to take advantage of the back lighting that is integral to this unit, the colors of which can be varied somewhat to suit.

Other features worth a mention are a gaming mode switch, which allows some PC menu functions to be turned off during play thus preventing things popping up at inappropriate moments, separate sockets are provided for headphones and microphone, always a welcome addition, and just a single USB port for mouse or peripheral device connection is available.

There are controls for volume and media within easy reach, and the base of the unit has a channel built into it to keep cables tidy.

The build quality of this unit is high like most of Logitech’s products, and because of this it is likely this unit will give a long service life, despite it’s lowish price.
The majority of gamers who have bought this product have been pleased with it’s operation and there have been no serious complaints aimed at it, and judging by a lot of user comments it appears suitable for many different types of game.

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