Sunday, December 17

Factors That Affect Motivation

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Motivation is what keeps our country rolling, even in tough times such as these. Even with our economy suffering and no jobs available, people are still starting businesses and taking financial chances. What gives us the motivation to take such courageous steps?

The Thrill of Risk

People love risks. It’s kind of an odd phenomenon but it’s true. Otherwise, we wouldn’t marry and have children. Those are risky things to do, but we do them anyway, not necessarily because of the thrill but because we know it will be tough. That’s the thing with people, we do things we know will be difficult, but we’re happy to do it.


I consider myself a very passionate person and so do many others. Passion is what drives motivation. When we’re passionate about something, we are motivated to accomplish the task or take the risk. We’re also more apt to do everything we can to accomplish whatever task is at hand.


Goals are very important in our every day life. It is imperative to have short-term and long-term goals in life. Motivated people usually jot down their goals and accomplish them, methodically. The importance of achieving goals in order is paramount. Set your short-term goals so you can complete them in a timely manner, in turn, making more short-term goals and feeling that sense of achievement, then eventually reaching your long-term goals.


It’s amazing how love can motivate one to do something, or anything for that matter. I would do anything for my Wife and I’m sure most others would do the same for someone they love. The feeling you get when you make your loved ones happy is amazing and that is some great motivation.

Self-Accomplishment-Need for Achievement

This is my favorite factor of motivation. It is so because everyone, who is successful, has this trait/quality. Never being satisfied with ‘normal’ or doing ‘ok’ is something that can’t be overlooked as a motivational factor. My sense of accomplishment will most likely never be filled all the way to the top. I always set goals for myself to achieve so I can have a sense of accomplishment but I quickly set a new goal so I do not plateau, per say. 

Motivation makes the world go round and it will be that way forever. The factors will always be there and people will always be motivated in some way, it’s the individuals themselves that affect their motivation.


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