Thursday, December 14

5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Office

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Take a look at the 5 ideas below to make your home office a better place to be.

Declutter and Keep it That Way

Clutter not only makes a room appear smaller than it really is, it imposes a sense of chaos that is completely unbecoming for a home office. For an instant improvement to any cluttered home office, take a no tolerance approach to all stray items. Clear the surface of your desk and shelves with one fell swoop. The entire contents of your desk and shelves can be dumped into a big box then you should take a slower more methodical approach to sorting, tossing and packing them away.

Add a Whiteboard

Every home office can benefit from a place to jot down ideas, post up motivational quotes or place targets to act as an inspiration. A whiteboard is an extremely useful addition to all types of businesses because it offers a way to visually display thoughts and ideas. It is also easy to clean and is environmentally friendly because it can be used over and over.

Improve Your View

Your home office may not have the best view of the house but you can position your furniture to take advantage of the best vantage point to see the outdoors. Extending your line of vision beyond the four walls of the room can help your thoughts to flow freely and might even improve your productivity. If the view from your home office windows are very dismal you can opt for hanging works of art instead.

Set Up a Station with Healthy Snacks

Working from home can add on several pounds because your tight schedule may find you grabbing unhealthy choices at meal times and snacking intermittently during the day. To help to eliminate the urge to reach for something that is not the best choice, you can create an energy center in your home office. Simply get some clear plastic canisters and fill them with healthy options like nuts, dried fruits or even cereal. This little addition can save you time running to the kitchen to rummage through the cupboards and will also slow down the increase on the scale.

Splurge on an Ergonomic Chair

Your office environment should be comfortable if you are to be effective. Unfortunately many home office dwellers cut back in the beginning to avoid the cost of setting up. It may be time to treat your back and neck to the heavenly experience of an ergonomic chair.

Your home office should be a clean and efficient space. These tips can help any work from home arrangement to be much more pleasant and productive.  


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