Thursday, December 14

5 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Home Business

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Take a look at these 5 low cost ways that can be used to promote your home business.

Create a Business Card and Get Them Distributed

Business cards may be traditional, but they are definitely a useful and budget-friendly way of passing along your contact information to potential customers. Many people still rely on business cards to get their names recognized. If you don’t have proper business cards for your home business you could be missing out on an opportunity to capture more sales. usually great prices on business cards and there are sometimes offers to get up to 500 cards for free.

Blog for Your Business

Running a home business in the technology age means that entrepreneurs need to be aware of the online methods to boost business. If you are not online you could be alienating an entire market. Starting a blog is extremely easy, but because it represents your business image it must be approached with caution. See The Benefits of Blogging for Business for more information.

Use Social Networking to Your Advantage

If you have a website or a blog you should be using your social networking profiles to talk about your real world business efforts. This not only creates awareness but can also send business your way and boost your image way beyond the typical ‘home business’ status. Facebook has become a magnificent tool for advertizing all types of business. Twitter is also a popular way to spread the word about your product or service in a cost effective manner.

Get in the News

If you want your home business to get noticed, one easy way to do that is to get in the news. Of course, you need to be acknowledged for something positive, so think of donating time to a well-publicized but underserved charity. This will not only shore up your goodwill but it will also put the spotlight on a worthy cause.

Host a Give-Away Party

Giving your product or service away is a fantastic way to create buzz. To ensure that the excitement generated is sustainable you should have a plan for getting repeat business from those who attend your give-away party. Handing out discount cards with a six-month expiry date is one way to encourage people to come back. You also need to make sure you invite the right people in the first place. Create a list of possible clients and then contact them about your plans.

You don’t have to break your budget to market your home business, but entrepreneurs need to focus on the importance of keeping the advertizing campaign alive. At the end of the day,  a business that nobody remembers is one that is sure to fail. 


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