Friday, December 15

Earth's Magnetic Poles

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The area covered by Earth’s magnetic field called the magnetosphere. Magnetic field lines leave the Earth to the south magnetic pole, located near McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, and revert to the magnetic north pole next to the Prince of Wales Island in the Canadian Arctic. Magnetic poles are close to the geographical overlap but their position is changing over time.

Currently, the magnetic north pole is moving at 0.2 ° per year, and both poles are moving more quickly from 1971, when the pole speed was 10 km per year, now it is 40 km per year. This process of inversion can be found in time because he has one rule when it occurs, which leads scientists astray. It can happen after a few million years, or even after 5000 years. Currently, this can happen at any time, but probably in 2012.

From the great tsunami in Asia Minor that occurred in 2004 and who confuse the geologists, scientists have discovered that Earth’s poles reversed. After research, scientists have discovered many effects it has on the creatures and everything on Earth. It seems that some of Earth’s satellites had problems.

Other symptoms of an imminent reversal of the poles could be expanding polar aurora is usually observed only at the South Pole, it will be extended across the Atlantic deSud.
Weakening extreme planetary magnetosphere appears before a reversal of the poles can lead to increased cases of cancer due to cosmic radiation may thus reach Earth’s surface.

After scientists discovered the inversion of the poles, they sought an answer for this. They have discovered that our galaxy has entered into an area as a higher power. Having reached this place down, the entire galaxy has undergone major changes. Magnetic fields of planets and light intensity changes. Venus shows an increase of light. Jupiter suffers an energy change to form a tube of ionizing radiation between it and the moon Io.

At Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are stepping up their magnetic field and become brighter. Uranus and Neptune have had pole shift. Following the relocation of the poles, the Earth faces a volcanic activity 500% higher than 1875. Even Sun’s magnetic field increased by 230% since 1901.


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