Thursday, December 14

Christmas Joy we Experienced is Dissipating

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There are some years now, and even this year is no exception, since, just go in November, we announced that press advertisements in major stores have already stocked with Christmas merchandise and image, colored lights and shiny foil, flowing ruthless, dozens, hundreds of times daily on television.

The Saint Andrew Press is always talking trees gifts and fairs, and celebrations of St. Nicholas is more than just reaching the pass is subject to the precedence Santa rich and dressed in bright red, ruddy man with well-fed face, and bringing gifts Sledge or aircraft not in a bag, some candy.

Cities are rushing to put their clothes in November, holidays, and trees, more or
also shows that the contest imbodobiti with “nothing” in the far glow
night power with aggressive ads inviting you ba ba a shop in another.

In supermarket parking lots, squares, transportation and other crowded places, groups of singers have done already emerged and, without asking, or to ask permission, they begin to roam, and to swear or to sorcoveasca spit if you’re not asking how or if they are treated with indifference.

And pictures of mountains of cake that’s all the TV shows, and pig products can be made of his flesh, steaming cabbage and coils made in return for the carol-like appetite and feel your breath as you get tired just watching them.

It’s too much and get in the Christmas week, when we really should
begin preparations for the celebration, the mood was not for nothing, bored
village and you’ve seen many weeks.

It’s all advertising and commerce. Christmas has nothing of significance for another time. Traders and buyers act as if it would be near a food crisis

And top baskets filled with all sorts of food, come one after another of the stores. Early hopes to strike, but others gain in a year, while shoppers dream with open eyes, the big meal of the day before Christmas that there are still plenty of days.

And so we expect carols that another time and so glad we got the news that the carols and hearing threshold of the house. For nearly a month on radio and on TV singing carols.

Too much and too much like Christmas Eve in May to open the door to get them more joy and impatience, the kids who started wandering in spite of the cold and snow outside.

When it’s really time carols, holiday time, or you never can enjoy many of the village being seen and heard.


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