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Bukisa Changes to Adsense – No More Bukisa Index

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Bukisa Changes to Adsense API and How to Set Up for Adsense


Bukisa is undergoing a big change for the better by replacing the in house Bukisa Index with direct Adsense earnings. Here is the email announcing the change:

Hey JadeDragon,

The Bukisa team is working hard to make Bukisa an even better place to be for our valued community members, including you. In 30 days, we will completely overhaul the current Bukisa Index system, replacing it entirely with the Google AdSense API. This means that you will use your own Google AdSense code to earn money from the advertisements placed within your content.

Here’s what you need to know about the transition to Google AdSense:

  • You have 30 days to update your AdSense account in your settings.  Those who do not add their Google AdSense account during the next 30 days will continue to earn according to the Bukisa Index of 3.22, but will not earn anything from their content following the finalization of the transition. (After Jan 13th 2011)

  • Users that don’t have a Google AdSense account will be able to sign-up for one via our new system.

  • At the end of 30 days (“transition period”), all accumulated earnings in your accounts will be paid out entirely, so long as it meets the minimum payout amount of $0.50 (PayPal mimimum transfer amount)

  • We are making this transition so that you can manage your own AdSense and the earnings from it, taking more of the content publishing reins in your hands.

  • The earnings you receive from your content on Bukisa will have no effect on the earnings of content elsewhere associated with your Google AdSense account.

  • If you have any further questions about the new integration of your own Google AdSense code on Bukisa, please see ourF.A.Q. page.

  • The Bukisa Network referral system will be discontinued during this transition, as Google AdSense’s revenue share program does not support this.

Bukisa has another new addition and it’s one we know you’ll be as excited about as we are. New ‘How To’ guides will now be accepted for submission. They’re not just your average How To guides, but instead will include rich content from your favorite image and video websites to enhance your content.

What are you waiting for? Start your first How To guide on Bukisa today!

All the best and keep up the good work,

Simon & The Bukisa Team

Why the Change Away from the Bukisa Index?

This change brings Bukisa in line with writing sites like Infobarrel,  Xomba, and Squidoo, that all share Adsense (and sometimes other) revenue streams with writers.  However Bukisa is working with Adsense a little differently than these writing sites by actually using Adsense API.

Sites like Infobarrel require you to insert your Adsense publisher ID into a box on the site.  Every time one of your pages is displayed the site uses a computer program to randomly (but on a fixed percentage of the time) rotate in your Adsense code, their Adsense and maybe the Adsense code for the member who referred you to the site.

Bukisa is not rotating in Adsense codes but actually working with Adsense API.  A number of high volume elite sites like Blogger (at 100% to the writer) and Webanswers (at 60% to the writer) also use the Adsense API.  In the Adsense API the site does not need your Adsense code, rather you need to provide identifying information and then agree to grant the site access to your Adsense Account to share revenue with you.

How to Link Your Adsense to Bukisa

1.  There is a link to Google Adsense on the left when you are signed into Bukisa.  Follow the link.  If you need to get an Adsense Account, follow the instructions.  Otherwise, we assume you have an Adsense Account already.

2.  Next provide:

  • Email address associated with your Adsense Account

  • Zip Code or Postal Code (no spaces) associated with your Adsense Account

  • last 5 digits of your phone number associated with your Adsense Account

This information can be found in your Adsense Account under “My Account” and “Account Settings”.

3.  Once you fill in these details Bukisa checks with Adsense for a match. When it sees a match it switches your status to Pending Approval.  The wording is a little confusing because it is you, NOT Google, need to approve the association.

4.  Go to your Google Adsense account and log in.

5.  Go to My Account and the Account Access Tab where you will find this message:

“Hosts with access: If you use a third party service (such as Blogger) to manage your AdSense account, that service will be listed below as a host. Hosts are sites or services that require access to your AdSense ad code and reports in order to provide you with AdSense account management through their site. Hosts do not have access to your address or payment information and you can disable their access to your AdSense account at any time.”

6.  Look down the page for a link to click “Allow Access”.  Click this.

The Adsense page discloses (as does Bukisa in their FAQs) that the Host site’s revenue share is 40% (Bukisa gets 40%, you get the 60%)

Benefits of this Change at Bukisa

There are several benefits to Bukisa’s change:

1.  No need to meet Bukisa’s own payout threshold separately.  Now Adsense earnings from Bukisa will be combined with Adsense earnings from other sites (including your own blog/niche sites) to meet the Adsense threshold.

2.  More control over your earnings in some ways.  If you write about high value topics you will earn more than if you write about topics that do not attract many advertisers.  The old Bukisa Index system was based on paying for every qualified view the same, so there was no incentive to write on higher value topics.

What this means to existing Bukisa writers

The importance of using key word research just went up.  Picking high value keywords is now very important to maximizing the value of your articles.

If you are inclined to write on worthless topics than your Bukisa earnings are going to drop.  Only write on worthless topics if it provides therapeutic or link building benefits to you.

You will now be paid through Adsense, there are few options left in revenue sharing sites that do not pay through Adsense directly (Demand Studios Writer Compensation Program and Suite 101′s Writer Compensation Program being notable exceptions) so don’t be engaging in click fraud – losing your ability to participate in Adsense forever.

No more earning by bring in other writers (this was pretty profitable for me as my articles on Bukisa brought in some active writers).

We can’t tell if Adsense will earn more or less than the Bukisa Index.  The Bukisa Index was not transparent in that it is unclear what percentage was shared with writers.  Various articles will earn more or less under the new system.  The ability to earn from recruiting new writers (and a little from them recruiting new writers) is gone, so perhaps the site is actually sharing more overall with writers.  No way to really know though.

Are There Good Alternatives to Bukisa?

Yahoo’s Associated Content is one alternative that still pays based on views, but they scammed all the non-US writers so I don’t recommend them.

Infobarrel (aff) has a richer (75%-90% of Adsense plus Chitika and Amazon) earning schedule compared Bukisa’s new 60% of Adsense alone sharing.  Infobarrel also gives a tiny 2% of Adsense earnings to writers who refer other writers, not as good at the old Bukisa system but better than zero under the new Bukisa system.

To earn top dollar for writing top quality web content you can also try Constant Content.

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