Tuesday, December 12

Pump it Up!

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In an attempt to become fit and healthy, most people join gyms.

Their main aim is to lose that unnecessary fat and gain muscles. While all of us cannot and don’t want to gain as much muscles as body builders, we still want that slight muscle mass to keep us looking good. Strength training is an essential part of every workout routine. It helps increase bone density thereby helping with osteoporosis and improves a person’s overall well-being.

– When starting out it’s important to get the help of a trainer. All those weights and machines can get quite confusing and you don’t want to injure yourself. Those already suffering from back pains, need to know the correct technique to exercise without causing further damage. Remember, to start off slowly and not to over exert your body.

– When working on muscle building, you can use the dumb bells for the upper body as well as other machines for the lower body. Those who are fighting excessive weight will benefit in using weight machines as these give back support and can be done while sitting.

– While you may want to develop muscles all over, it’s best to alternate your routine. Like try doing biceps one day and the triceps and leg muscles another day. This will ensure each muscle group has time to rest between workouts.

– The correct diet is equally important to help achieve the body you desire. While an adequate amount of protein is required, carbohydrates are also essential to fuel exercise. Don’t completely cut off all other kind of foods. Try and eat a few small meals throughout the day and don’t forget to include some good sources of fat like salmon. Drink plenty of water daily.

– Always consume a pre-workout and post-workout meal. Eat carbs like rice or pasta which take a longer time to burn in the body, thereby keeping your blood sugar level consistent. A protein shake post exercising is a good idea.


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