Friday, December 15

Mike's Promise

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Mike Robertson, in his mid-twenties, had just purchased a new motorbike and the first thing that came on his mind was to show it off to his best friend, Peter Beckerson.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get quite the reaction he had expected from Peter and a heated exchange of words followed, after which Mike zoomed off back home to his flat-mate, Sarah Cuckold.  He parked his new bike, took off his crash helmet and stormed in.

     “So, what did your best friend, Peter say about your new bike, Mike?”

     “Hah ha, very funny.”  Said Mike, sulking.  He sighed and fell flat on an armchair.

     “Oh, you’re always so paranoid.  It just came out so naturally.  Well, don’t you see, Mike…Bike?  Duhh!”

     Mike realised he must have over-reacted and broke down.  Sarah was quite surprised at this out of the blue

reaction.  She got up from the sofa and went up to Mike, placing her arms around him.

     “Heyyy!  Come on.  Is this my boyfriend?  Surely not.  Is this the man who promised he would love and protect me all our lives?  I think not.”  She pulled out a hanky from her skirt and wiped his tears.

     “I’m…sorry…it’s just that…I love my bike so much and you know how I feel about Mike.  Oh, for heaven’s sake, Sarah, he…he’s my best friend.  Boo hoo hoo.”  Suddenly, Sarah lost her temper and stood up firmly.

     “ overgrown baby!  I swear I could never have guessed that you were such a big softie.  No, I’m sorry, I ever moved in with you.  I’m off.”  Mike was so upset that he couldn’t react and Sarah left, slamming the door.

     Two hours later, Mike’s doorbell rang and he staggered up to open it, his eyes all puffed up and red with pain.  The bell kept ringing continuously until he finally opened it.  

     “I…sob..sob…I’m coming.”  “Sniff…sniff.”  He blew his nose.  To his surprise, it was Sarah and to her right, stood Peter.  He was about to slam it shut when Sarah put her left leg out to block it and then both she and Peter entered the flat and sat down on the large sofa.  Sarah gazed very hard at Mike.

“Sit!”  Mike sat down on a chair.

     “Well well…sob.  Fancy seeing you both here.”  He looked at Peter and said,

     “First you abuse our childhood friendship and now…you’re after my girl.”  Peter’s jaw dropped and he stared wide-eyed at Sarah.

     “What in heaven’s name are you saying, Mike.  Just listen to yourself.”

     “Yeh, sob..sob..I’ve heard that one before.  Oh please go away and leave me alone; the two of you!”  He pulled the pillow from behind his head and covered his face with it.

     “Oh shush!  Shouted Sarah and stormed up to Mike and pulled the pillow away, tossing it aside.  “Well, if I can have your undivided attention please, there’s something you just don’t know, Mike.”

     “What!?”  Called out Mike, childishly.  Sarah looked at Peter.

    “Well Peter, do you want to tell him yourself; or should I?”  Peter shrugged.

    ”Either way’s alright with me; but don’t you think that first you should hear from Mike’s lips, what he must have assumed I said?”  Sarah thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

     “You’re absolutely right, Peter, let’s hear Mike’s version.  Gosh I wish my Mike had some of your qualities.” 

     “Will youplease put me out of all this suspense.  It’s driving me crazy!”  Protested Mike.  Sarah then asked him.

     “Alright Mike.  I’ll spill the beans and ask you one simple question.  What did Peter say to you this morning that upset you so much.”

     “Why don’t you ask him!”  Said Mike, pointing his left finger straight at Peter. 

     “Damn it, be a man and tell it to both of us…NOW!!!”  Mike jumped at the intensity of her loud voice and replied,

     “Peter said that he hates me and wished he’d never met me in the first place.”  Mike folded his arms and began to sulk.  Sarah turned to Peter.

     “Excuse me, Mike.  I never said that! 

      “Yes you did.  And you also said that I should have been a painter instead of an engineer and never

wanted to see me again.”

      Peter’s jaw dropped and he turned to Sarah, aghast.

      “Do you know, Mike.  You are the biggest dummy in this world.  Now hear the truth.  Peter, tell us both what you actually said. 

     “What you heard as ‘I hate you Mike’ was infact ‘I hate your bike.’  And I never said ‘you should have been a painter instead of an engineer and never wanted to see you again’, but said ‘you should have asked them to paint it white instead of taking it to an engineer for a check up.”  “But you just stormed off in haste, riding into the sunset.”   There was a moment’s silence and then Mike’s expression changed into guilt.  He looked sideways into Sarah’s eyes and then Peter’s.

    “I…guess I must have made a mistake then.  I’m sorry; it was my fault; I must have mis-heard you.” 

     “Uh huh,  to be precise, a misunderstanding between best friends.”  And with those words, both Sarah and

Peter began throwing cushions at Mike.  Mike promised after the beating that in future he would listen carefully

     As time went by, despite Mike’s promise, he continued misunderstanding, but instead of complaining or sulking, he would sit in his room and re-assess the situation and find that he was mostly the one who heard it wrong.  Sarah respected his efforts and they continued as a couple as did Mike’s friendship with Peter.

The End. 


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