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Chicken Soup Recipes: China, Columbia And Bulgaria

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When mom buried herself in the kitchen to cook a pot of her chicken soup recipe, she always finished with the same results. Chicken, broth, celery, carrots and noodles. There was never a different taste or texture to try or enjoy. Come to find out, nearly every culture has a version of chicken soup recipe. Some are quite interesting and all are unique.

Chinese Chicken Soup Recipe (Beijing Style Chicken Soup)

2 tb sesame oil
½ tsp turmeric, ground
2 tsp fresh ginger, chopped
2 tb chili paste
1 lb chicken breast, cooked
1 qt chicken broth
2 tsp sugar
¼ cup soy sauce
1 cup celery, chopped
1 package Ramen noodles, 3 ounces
1 cup lettuce, shredded
½ cup green onion, chopped

Heat oil over medium heat. Saute turmeric, chili paste and ginger for one to two minutes. Add chicken broth, soy sauce, sugar and celery. Bring chicken broth to a boil and add Ramen noodles. Cook for three minutes, remove from heat and enjoy garnished with green onions.

Variations: This traditional Chinese chicken soup recipe tends to use whatever fowl is available – hen being the most common. Star anise, dried goji, and rice wine are added to some variations on a chicken soup recipe from China. The Ramen noodles can held off while the soup simmers for hours to meld the flavors more deeply.

Bulgarian Chicken Soup Recipe (Sophia Style Chicken Soup)

1 lb cut up chicken
¾ cup milk
3 ½ tb butter
1 tb cayenne pepper
2 tsp salt
3 garlic cloves
Just less than ½ cup vinegar
Hot chilis

Find out how to cook these chicken soup ingredients and delve into a Columbia recipe for Jewish Penicillin at Chicken Soup Recipes: China, Columbia and Bulgaria.


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