Wednesday, December 13

Write, Make Friends, Have Fun And Get Paid!!

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It was the time when I had ample time and inclination. I was doing a job which was very light and did not really offer anything interesting or anything lucrative. I was into big time yahoo answering and had a good network in yahoo 360 degree. However, I wasn’t doing anything new, anything different. I had always chatted, myspaced or facebooked since forever.

It was around then that some friend told me about the earning concept through internet. I thought it was a scam outright. I had no idea that you can actually earn through internet! But I signed up just out of curiosity. That’s almost four years back. Now, I am very much active there and I have made some goods friends and the interaction has been mutually enriching. And of course when you get paid for something you love doing nothing like it. Yes I did earn something around 250 USD from that site alone and guess what for devoting very little time! You chat, interact and you get paid for. It’s that simple! And it’s not like PTC or PTR sites. MyLot never gets boring and even if it does you can just stick to your bunch of friends sharing whatever. Mylot has been my punching bag where I rant off whatever I have inside. Letting go and having to confide in a supportive group  who understands me and my within, has been thereuptic all the way as well.

MyLot has a pretty user friendly page with instant appeal. Even though there are several similar websites that pay you, this one is different because of the intricacies we share among different nations on the globe. You do not have to write a well thought article to get paid for. You just respond to others discussions, post your own and earn dollars. They pay through Paypal, the most authentic internet banking brand.  This site is especially exciting for people who are busy in their lives. You can log in anywhere, anytime and respond to a few posts and the next day you would find an increase in your earnings! Yes it’s that easy!

On the flip side, it does have users who could sometimes get onto you and ruin your sanity but then tell me a place where there isn’t. I have a real soft corner for myLot. It’s special and I am loving being a part of it since four years.



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