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How to Earn Few Dollars a Day Writing Articles

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Article writing is one of the top freelance jobs in Internet. Now there are millions of writers from all over the world writing contents to top sites in web. If you see in recent years, social media marketing has dominated the traditional marketing strategies. This is due to the quality content that is published in web and which is shared in social media.

Article writing jobs are now one of the best revenue earning jobs in Internet. You can write anything in web that is related to your niche. A software engineer can write about the latest technologies that he is working on and what are latest technologies he is expecting in near future. You don’t need to be an expert to write articles. If you know english and have good command in writing, you can be an expert in few months.

There are different ways you can earn money writing articles. Some of the best ways to write articles are

Write articles by starting a blog

Start your own blog and write some compelliing content. It is easy to start a blog with top blog platforms like blogger and worpress providing free blogs to write. However it takes time to earn from your blog.

There are many ways to earn money from blog once you have good articles in your blog. You should have good content and concentrate on niche. Once you get good search engine rankings, you will get top advertisers competing to advertise in your blog.

As this takes some time, start your blog and this can be your first step in writing articles and earning from your own blog.

Writing articles for top revenue sharing sites

The best way to start earning money right away is to write articles for some tip sites which share revenue with you. There are some top writing sites that share revenue with the advertisements that are published along with your article. You can select the best sites like bukisa to earn revenue from articles

There are also many other top article writing jobs sites which provides good money to write articles.

Start writing for these sites and earn good revenue writing articles in web


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