Wednesday, December 13

In-Laws Are Not All "mean"

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Yes, the common impression for mothers in-law is mean and hard to deal. Well, it happen many times to many daughters in-law. They are having a hard time dealing with their in-laws specially if the they are living with them. But there on mother in-law whom I know, is so sweet and understanding to her daughter in-law. She is very real and nice lady. She never said a thing to her daughter in-law even if one time she arrived in the house of her  daughter in-law with a messy house. Clutters are found all over the place. The two little kids were playing in the living room while the mother is in her room sleeping even after 10am. When the mother in-law ask her 2 grandsons where is their mother, the 2 kids said, she is in the room sleeping. She just said nothing.

She went ahead cleaning the house, washing the plates that are left unattended in the sink. Load the laundry in the washing machine and start keeping the clutters in the living room. You can not see the trace of unhappiness in her face.I was there watching her because we were together at that time. I  help her a little bit and after everything was put into place, she called her daugher in-law with a smile and said good bye for we will be heading to our destination. I can’t believe what I’ve witnessed because most mother in-laws even real mothers make comments if they see the hosue of their married children with clutters everywhere.. I then said to myself that my friend is one of a kind of mother in-laws that is a perfect example of patience and nice demeanor.

There were times that she will buy groceries for her sons family even if they will not ask him to do that. She is just a very nice mother. She always communicate to her sons and daguthers in-law almost everyday. She will volunteer to babysit the kids when the mother has something to do. She will postpone her appointment just to attend to the needs of her sons and their families. What a good mother  in-law she is.  I then say to myslef that not all mothers in-law are mean or bad at all in dealing with their in-laws.


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