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Earn Cash From Your Online Articles

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There are many ways in which you can generate money online. One way to do this is by writing articles for money, and there are many websites online that will gladly take your articles. Earning cash from these articles is a lot easier than you might think.


One site that allows you to write articles for money is called Helium. Helium basically gives you a share of the advertising revenue that your articles generate, and they offer upfront payments with a slight catch. Helium awards large amounts of high quality content with a “writing star”. The more writing stars you have, then the higher your upfront commission will be.

Currently, your awarded fifty cents upfront for one writing star. The highest you can go is five writing stars, which will give you an upfront commission of two dollars and fifty cents. If you do the math, then you receive fifty cents more for every writing star you have. Helium also has a rating system in place, which also affects the amount of money you can earn.

As for the article requirements, make sure they are at least a four hundred words in length. And no plagiarism. This applies to any writing site, and you should expect to be banned if you do plagiarize an article. As always, remember to check your spelling and grammar prior to submitting your article.

Associated Content

Another site, named Associated Content (now owned by Yahoo) will pay you upfront for your articles. However, Associated Content reserves the right to reject your articles if they feel they are not up to their standards. The requirements for the articles are four hundred words, good spelling and grammar, and a good topic. You will also earn royalties from your articles as well.

Constant Content

Contant Content is yet another writing site. This is one of the more difficult sites to submit your articles to. Basically, if three of your articles are rejected then you will be suspended for an unspecified amount of time. As for Constant Content’s standards they are just like Associated Content.

The main difference between Associated Content and Constant Content is their payment system. While Associated Content pays you upfront (unless they reject your article), Constant Content allows you to set your own price for your articles. If your article is sold then expect Constant Content to take a third of your money as a commission.


Bukisa allows you to upload your articles instantly without a review. In order to be paid, you will need to have a Google Adsense account; you will receive a forty percent commission on the ads that are shown on your articles. You can choose to submit a normal article, or a how to piece on the topic of your choice.


Xomba is yet another writing site that you can use, and it is probably the easiest one to submit your content to. You are allowed to submit blog entries, articles, photographs; etc. However, if you want to earn money from Xomba then you have to open a Google Adsense account. Once you have opened your an account with Google, you give Xomba your Adsense code.

After this, your Google ads show up above and underneath your article. When someone clicks one of your ads on the Xomba site, you will be paid half of whatever that click generates. The other half of the money goes to Xomba as a commission.


Triond is similar to Helium. Basically, Triond pays you when people read your articles or click on the ads that are embedded in the articles. If you are fortunate enough to receive an ad click, you will receive half of the money from that click. Triond also allows you to embed your own Google Adsense code into your articles. Just sign up for an Adsense account with Google, and submit your Adsense code to Triond. You will then earn fifty percent from each click your Google Ad generates. You will receive a fifty percent commission from your ad clicks; Triond receives the other half.

Your articles are also under a nonexclusive license like they are with Helium. However, Triond will only accept articles that have not been published elsewhere. After you have published the article with Triond, you are free to publish it wherever you wish with a nonexclusive license.

Use Your Own Site

Of course, you can also post your articles on your own website if you like. This allows you to place Google ads and affiliate links wherever you please. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about your articles being rejected because you are the reviewer.

As you can see, earning money from your articles is easier than you may realize. All you have to do is supply these companies with decent articles, and you can make money. Don’t give up your day job, but you will have a second income from these sites. With time who knows how much you will earn.



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