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Strange Events at Wal Mart

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Strange Events at Wal Mart

I live way out in the country. The two nearest towns are in opposite directions of here. The nearest grocery store is 13 miles away, but most of the time they do not have everything we need. The nearest good size grocery is Wal Mart and to get there I have to drive 16 miles of curvy back roads just to get to the bridge that crosses the Arkansas river. Then it is 9 mile through traffic to get there. Takes a minimum of 45 minutes to get there.

Even with the high price of gas it is cheaper to go there than some of the other grocers in town. I like living out in the country, but I miss only having to go two blocks to get groceries. That was how close we lived to one when I was growing up.

Recently I took my mother to Wal Mart so she could pick up some medicine. While she was waiting at the pharmacy I went to the bathroom. There I took care of business and when I stood up to pull my pants up, I found the guy in the next stall was staring at me. This was freaky in two ways. First he was actually able to look over the privacy wall with out standing on something. Then he had a hat on, so I really only saw his eyes. So I wonder how long he had been watching me. I probably should have said something, but I only gave him a look that I hope said to him to quit looking. I was so glad to get out of that bathroom.

I found mother already getting groceries and I told her that I just had a strange moment in the bathroom. She asked if the toilet paper had attacked me. That brought a laugh over the memory of a few weeks ago. We had been at a restaurant and when I used the bathroom there the toilet paper fell out of its container onto me.

After telling my mother what happened, we went about getting groceries and had soon forgotten all about the incident.

Suddenly we heard a sound that made us feel that an accident was happening. Then the crash and sound of shattering glass as a jar of spaghetti sauce hit the floor on the aisle we were on. There was only one other person on that row and this employee looked as surprised as us. It was if the jar jumped off the shelf all on its own. None of us were near the accident. As I walked up to see the mess, I saw an unopened roll of paper towels laying there with the mess. The employee was talking about how odd that the jar just fell off. I pointed out the paper towel roll. It was the only roll of paper towels on that aisle. I told her someone threw that roll from at least a few aisles away. Her eyes went wide as she realized I was right.

The employee then told us she would get someone to clean up the mess and we didn’t need to worry about it. I wasn’t worried about the mess on the floor, I couldn’t get out of my mind that tall guy I saw in the bathroom would be the one I most likely suspected as the person that threw the paper towels. The rest of the time we were shopping, I kept looking up for flying rolls of paper towels.

On another occasion mother and I found turkey’s on sale. We decided to get two. I got one out of the bin while my mom got one out. Both went into the same buggy. After doing some shopping we checked out. Again we each grabbed a turkey and put I on the conveyor.

At this time the check out lady put up the closed sign behind us. We were her last customers before she got off work.

Once the buggy was empty, we moved it around and used the same buggy to load all our bagged stuff into after it was checked out.

Once we had our load of groceries out to the SUV, we opened the back and unloaded the buggy. I made sure the buggy was empty before I put it in the buggy rack.

After our long drive home we proceeded to unload the SUV. This is when we discovered that we only had one turkey.

We went through all of the groceries twice and did not find it. Finally we checked the receipt. The mystery deepens. We were only charged for one turkey.

The turkey incident happened over a year ago and we still puzzle over where and how that turkey disappeared.


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