Tuesday, December 12

Why E-Voting is The Future

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Traditional voting is a tiresome process that one must go through in order to cast their vote. However,  what if it was replaced with an online system?

Inferior Model

The traditional way of voting is no longer acceptable to many individuals. They simply do not want to waste their time going through a long line of people, missing out on work, looking for a parking spot; etc. In order to attract more voters, the system must be streamlined. It must be simple. And e-voting will accomplish this.


Well, the pros have basically already been listed. You do not have to fight the crowd, and your ballet can be cast from home via your computer. And with e-voting, people will not have to figure out where to vote in their area. All they have to do is bookmark the voting website, and they are done. Also, sometimes unscrupulous individuals hang out around voting booth areas and try to intimidate people to vote for certain candidates. This issue will be solved by online voting because you would no longer have to visit these voting booths, which means you would no longer run into these individuals.


Okay, the cons are basically that the e-voting process could be hacked or rigged. This is a fair argument; however, casting your vote via a paper ballet does not prevent fraud. Our traditional voting system has just as many ways to be corrupted as an e-voting system would. Granted, the methods used would be different. But in the end, corruption will always be a problem no matter what type of voting system is used. Any election can be rigged one way or another.

How it Would Work

First, you would have to register to vote online. After this, you would need to be assigned a unique number to cast your ballet. And then, you vote for the candidate (s) of your choice. The security aspects of online voting would be improved as time progresses. Perhaps retinal scans will be used or a voice verification system could be put into place via a software program that you download to your computer. There are an infinite ways to enhance security. And as long as it is not overdone, security can be a good thing.

E-voting would be a much more streamlined and simplified way of voting for political candidates. While the e-voting system may have certain cons, it is undoubtedly the way votes will be cast in the future. It is only a matter of time.


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