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Stay in a Farmhouse in Tuscany While You Travel With Family or Your Partner

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Tourism is the spinal column of Tuscanywealth. For many generations, the medieval art has been conserved with awareness. It is not only the art and the museums, but the countryside with endless fields of sunflowers, old retreats, hided old cities; countrywide forests and many events and festivals are all what makes Tuscany so attractive. Going to Tuscany, it is mandatory to see a vineyard and some medieval cities to get the feeling of the ancient Tuscany.

Tuscanywas and is a visitor’s target for generations and therefore to stay in Tuscanyis not to see Tuscanyfrom your car window, but to be involved and to get to know the locals, therefore staying in Tuscanyis never a dilemma for any tourist, whatsoever the budget is.

There are few options you can choose from, while visiting Tuscany: The first one is to stay in a Farmhouse, this one is good if you intend to spend a week or two or more in Tuscany, then staying at a farmhouse in Tuscany and living the way the locals live, and feeling the atmosphere of going back in time, would be an inspiring experience.

Many farmhouses has been renovated with the same style and materials of the origin stone houses, leaving the old beams and fireplaces, restoring the old kitchens and the barns, mixed with full comfort and modern technology, along with arranging activities like horseback riding, cooking classes, painting classes, Italian language short courses, mountain biking etc in order to keep the guest occupied.

There are several vineyard owners who will gladly invite you to their winery to taste their product, without any obligation from your side. They even arrange the tour of the vineyard as well as the winery to give an experience of the preparation of some of the finest wines in the world. You also get an opportunity to visit their “cantina”.

The second choice is the Hotels, if you plan to stay for only a few days and you are not interested to explore the area. Staying at a hotel is the option which will cost you more if you travel with your partner or family.

While hotels charge more than bed and breakfast or vacation farmhouses, they are usually positioned in the centre of the cities and most of the tourist destinations are near.

So, for conclusion: renting an apartment in farmhouse is good for long term (a week or more) and if you travel with your family or your partner and have a rented car, or staying in a hotel is the otion for a day or two, when you would like to walk and explore the city you decided to stay at.


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