Saturday, December 16

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice And Pro-Abortion

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Incase you haven’t heard, pro-life people believe that a woman who has become pregnant, should remain pregnant until she gives birth. Pro-choice people believe that a woman who becomes pregnant has the right to kill her baby in order to maintain her body image and lifestyle. Pro-abortion is a term someone, somewhere made up to sound harsh or maybe funny, but it really got me thinking. Perhaps some of the pro-choice people should be renamed pro-abortion, and that pro-choice is something different. 

Personally, I believe that a woman does have the right to do with her body as she pleases, until a certain point. For example, I take birth control pills because I don’t want to become pregnant. Other women choose not to have sex. The morning after pill is another great option for those who don’t think as much.

I know adult women who have had multiple abortions, or unwarranted abortions. For example, I knew a woman who was 19 years old, and dating and living with her boyfriend for 8 months. She stopped taking her birth control pills because it was inconvenient. She became pregnant, and then had a doctor destroy her fetus. She wasn’t in school, in poverty, she wasn’t raped, there was nothing wrong with her baby. It died of inconvenience and vanity. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but she was definitely, pro-abortion. 

I think the pro-choice term should apply to those who are pro-choice like myself. I think it’s an adult woman’s right to have sex, protected or not and to deal with the consequences of her choices. When the right to decide is taken away, that’s when abortion comes into play. (Did that rhyme?) 

If a woman is under the age of consent, she should have the right to an abortion, because most people accept she’s not of age to make life changing decisions, she should then chose between all of her options including abortion. In the case of normal rape, this woman should absolutely have the right to an abortion. In the case of incest the woman should have the right to an abortion. If something is wrong with the baby the woman should have the right to an abortion. If its a case of life and death, abortion. Other times, the right to choose comes into play before the creation of new life. With the various protection methods science has brought us. 

I am pro-choice because I choose to be on birth control pills. Others choose IUD, condoms, abstinence, timing, hormone injections, pulling out, the patch, diaphragm, the morning after pill, and spermicide. Science has given us so many options to not create life, what is it we think gives us the right to take life away?


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