Sunday, December 17

Christmas Reason

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Families sharing, friends, neighbors, guest;

it is Christmas season at its best.

Christmas caroling, joy sublime,

songs of love and hope at Christmastime;

spiced punch, hot chocolate sure is nice,

the love, the sharing, immeasurable price;

some thoughtful gift to show we care

and Christmas joy is in the air…

But to know Christmas at its best

is more than family, friends and guest;

more than song and drink and tasty treats,

more than gifts beneath a Christmas tree…

The best of Christmas comes from above,

a priceless gift, God’s gift of love.

The greatest gift is ever known

came to Earth from His Heaven home,

and here took on humanity;

the greatest love could ever be…

And He did it all for you and me.

Sharing song, food, gifts; it all is nice

but it’s not Christmas without Jesus Christ;

God’s gift of love, His gift of grace,

His gift of life is ours through faith…

And all He ask is we believe,

trust in Him, His gift receive.

It’s Christmas.  It is a wondrous season

and Jesus, Jesus is the reason.

Beyond all the glitter of worldly things,

it’s the gift of love that Jesus brings;

the night grace and mercy came to Earth,

the night God came through human birth…

It is the night the angels sang

and Heaven glowed and glory rang

And the Lord’s Angel announced His birth

bringing good will to men and Peace on Earth.


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