Saturday, December 16

Holiday Giving Basket

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8×9 Flat top D handle
1/2″ flat reed for stakes
3/8″ flat reed for weavers
1/2″ dyed reed for accent weavers
1/4″ reed for lashing
Ceramic buckle,
Sea grass for rim beading
Round reed for twining

You will need:
A pair of heavy duty shears, Measuring tape, Clothespins or clips, Ruler or

Straight-edge (we recommend a bone awl), Small tub (for soaking reed).


  • From the 1/2″ flat natural reed, cut 8 stakes 27″ long & cut 9 stakes 25″ long.

  • Mark the centers of all stakes on the rough side of the reed.

  • Soak stakes, weavers and some round reed until pliable.

Note: dyed reed should only be soaked briefly in cool water, separately from natural reed. Run each piece through a paper towel to remove excess liquid. This helps to reduce bleed from the color.


  • Position the handle standing up in front of you.

  • Lay your first short natural stake over the handle. This is your center stake.

  • Place remaining short stakes parallel to the center stake in the over-under manner to the left and right of the center stake. Space them evenly, holding in place with a spoke weight if needed, with the outermost stakes snug against the handle ends.

  • In the over-under manner, weave the remaining stakes in vertically, spacing them evenly.

  • Adjust base to about 8×10.

  • Twine a locking row around the base of the basket.

  • Upset the stakes all around.

  • Weave 1 row in the over-under manner with the 1/2″ flat dyed reed.

  • Weave 5 rows with the 3/8″ flat reed.

  • The next four rows will be stepped rows as follows:

    • Looking at one long side of the basket, you will weave with a 3/8″ weaver. Weave only on the long stakes on this long side (don’t weave around to the sides of the basket). Start by placing the reed on the outside of the basket with the end extending beyond the leftmost stake about 4″ (so you now have a tail on the left side). Weave across the stakes to the right, the handle and the stakes on the other side of the handle. Leave another end of about 4″ and cut the weaver. Now bend the tail ends of the weavers to the inside of the basket, around the stakes and tuck the end under the first available stake on the inside.

    • Repeat 2 rows just like this, but each time turn around the next stake from the end, creating a step up.

    • Weave one more “short” row weaving only around the handle stake and the stake to the left and right of it, tucking in the same manner.

    • Repeat the last four steps on the other side of the basket.


  • Add the buckle:

    • Using a damp piece of 3/8″ flat reed about 8″ long, slip it through the slots on the buckle.

    • Cheat the ends of the reed over & under the fourth natural row from the bottom, centering over the handle stake. See photo for placement.

    • Trim ends of reed so they are hidden under a stake.

  • Twine around the top of all the weaving 3 times, following the contours of the basket.

  • Trim and tuck all stakes.

  • Apply the rim using dyed 1/2″ flat reed. Starting on the outside of a short end, place the rough side of the reed to cover the twining. Clip the rim on and when you get to the handle, loop it around the handle and re-clip so this inside end becomes the inside rim. Cut it to end on the short end. Take the other end of the rim piece and repeat on the other side of the basket. This end of the rim-piece should overlap the first about 2″. You now have an inside and an outside rim on HALF the basket. Repeat on the other side. The loop will cover part of the first loop around the handle.

  • Bead the rim with the sea grass, butting at the handles.

  • Lash the rim with 1/4″ reed. X-lash if you like.

  •  Use golden oak Min-wax to stain your baskets.


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