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I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate in Mindanao State University – Iligan institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). I started working online at the age of 20 when I was still a 4th year student and my first earning site is I joined Bukisa last January 31, 2009.

In the month on June 2009, I encounter oDesk.Com and start familiarizing the site. I got inactive until such time in August 2009 I heard that one of my friend received his first payment in oDesk and that’s the time I started applying for jobs. Finally on October 15, 2009 I was hired on oDesk as an SEO ExpertSEO is definitely not my expertise during that time but with my eagerness to learn I manage to finish the job and eventually became an expert on the said field. My only weapon during that time was tutorials I found on the internet. 

I became one of the successful oDesk Contractor; I earned my first 50,000php ~ $1000 in the first week of December of the same year at the age of 20. I can’t believe that I can earn that much since I was still a student at that time. I earned my first 500,000php ~ $10,000 at the age of 21 from my oDesk earnings. I handle different types of job and met different type of employer. There are employers who are kind while others are very strict but I am still happy that I manage to have wonderful working experience with them. Currently, I am a company manager in oDesk. My company name is TrexSEO International. To join oDesk Click Here!.

You might be wondering why am I still active with Bukisa. Actually the time I was working  in oDesk, I become inactive in bukisa for I think 1 year. But to my surprise, I am still receiving payments from Bukisa every month even though I stopped submitting articles and inviting friends.

I was really amazed because I still earn even though I was not active anymore. This made me realize how great bukisa is and I started again posting articles and inviting my friends using my own referral link. I was so shocked seeing my earnings in bukisa doubled for just two weeks and it is a residual income. This became the reason why I love Bukisa and I am now among the living proof that “First Love Never Dies”. Bukisa is my first love since this is my first earning site.

More About Bukisa:

Bukisa is Great. Just write 10 articles and invite 10 friends using your own referral link and your earnings will start rising in a curve and you don’t need to write that long only 250 words is required. If you want to increase your earnings you can post articles and invite friend as many as you want. Join Bukisa Here!

We can also republish our triond articles to bukisa. Bukisa is a very good site. They allow us to repost our articles from any other article directories to their site as long as we are the original author of the article and each article must have a minimum of 250 words.


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