Thursday, December 14

Benefits Through Ayurveda – A Quick Look

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Our modern lifestyle is something that is a cause for a majority of the mental and physical ailments.

For example, Most of us are sitting in front of the computer for long hours at workplace.Of course there

is no other option available as we have to work to earn our ivelihood.But are we aware that we are doing this at the cost of slowly losing our health and vitality.


Sitting at one place leads to a sedentary lifestyle.Also working for a long time using the computer,laptop or mobile is going to cause extreme eye strain,muscular problems and fatigue.Many of the professionals today are suffering from such health conditions.Not only at the workplace, but even during the weekends, we are prone to go out for entertainment with family and friends.And at that time also we tend to eat out at the various restaurants or street shops to eat the dishes that satiate our taste buds.But we do not fully realize the result of such binges.

So the bottomline is that today we are bogged down because of our 24 by 7 lifestyles.So let us see what are the health afflictions most of the people today suffer from.It ranges from fatigue and back and neck pain to migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome.

So with such modern age diseases and conditions affecting us, is there any therapy or way of medicine that could possibly help us?

Yes, there is the ancient Indian traditional way of medicine and treatment called Ayurveda.It has got the potential to relieve us of much of our health problems.It has got fewer side effects as compared to other means of treatment.Also Ayurvedic treatments are more holistic and demands us to focus on leading a proper lifestyle along with taking the treatment so that we get optimized benefits from it.


Ayurveda has detoxifying methodologies which can be tried once in a three month period.Along with the recommended prescribed medicines, Ayurveda also lays emphasis on meditation,suryanamaskar(a traditional
Indian exercise) and proper and healthy eating.


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