Sunday, December 17

French Pastries

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French pastry – the name itself conjures up images of sweetness and deliciousness.

French pastries are prepared with ingredient like flour,sugar,eggs and butter.

These are served mostly during events such as family get togethers or even during celebrations like weddings and christenings.French family parties are almost always finished off with glasses of Champagne or classic wine and of course the pastries and desserts.

Preparing of French pastries is an art that is based on the foundation of the classic French techniques of cooking.Some of these techniques would be using sponge biscuits,creams,pastry or yeast doughs,mousses and the like.

Some of the popular French pastries would be Lemon meringue Tart,Tropical fruit tart,Tarte citron meringue,cremeux de Guajaquil and many more such mouth watering pastries.One of the most popular pastries would be one called Tarte Tatin.It has got foodie fans not only in France, but the world over.

Of course, as is tradition in any French cuisine and dining, pastries and desserts are always accompanied with drinks like sparkling wine and Champagne.Most of the pastries especially the ones with chcoclate fillings and flavours, go very well with wines like Jurancon,Banuyls,Sauternes or Port Wine from Portugal or Asti spumante from Italy.

Without doubt, French pastries would have to be among the most delectable dishes the world over.


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