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How To Prepare Burritos

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This is a delicious Mexican dish.

Let us see the ingredients required and the procedure to prepare it.

Required Ingredients:

Burrito roti – 50 gms
Enchilada Sauce – 50 ml
Queso Sauce – 50 ml
Onion – 25 gms
Oil  50 gms
Red & Yellow Pepper – 15 gms each
Sliced Capsicum – 15 gms
Mexican Rice – 55 gms
Garlic – 20 gms
Cottage Cheese – 100gms
Monterey Jack Cheese – 30 gms
Sour Cream
Cumin Seeds
Tomatoes – 2-3

Method of Preparation:

1)In a pan, put some oil and heat it.

2)Meanwhile take the onions and slice them into pieces.

3)Put in the sliced onions into the pan.

4)Put chopped garlic,cumin seeds,salt and pepper into the pan as seasoning.

5)Heat the mixture till it becomes golden brown in colour.

6)Next put the chopped capsicum chilly pieces and beans if desired and mix well.

7)Cook over a medium flame for a few minutes and then turn off while keeping it warm.

8)Next take a tortilla and place on a plate.

9)Take some sour cream and put it on the tortilla.Similarly take a spoonful of Mexican rice and the diced cottage cheese and the mixture we prepared till step (6).

10)Chopped tomatoes and the lettuce can be added as topping.

11)Roll up the tortilla over this filling.

12)Similarly prepare with the other tortillas.

13)The burritos are ready to serve.If desired you can put enchilada and Queso Cheese sauces over the rolled tortillas.It does a good work of enhancing the taste.


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