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What to See During Your Coach Holiday in Germany?

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During your coach holiday in Germany, you will probably want to see as much as possible of this wonderful country. The thing that you will like the most is the Cologne Cathedral. It is a favorite tourist destination. This Cathedral is the symbol of the million-population city and it is the third highest church in the world and the second in Germany after the Cathedral in Ulm.

     The first thing that you will notice when you arrive on your coach holiday is the Cathedral. It is located next to the station and it meets and sends the guests of Cologne. With its grandeur, the Cathedral leaves a lasting mark in the hearts of people who have ever visited it or just passed by it. Its bells are wonderful and the biggest one of them is the “Bell of St. Peter”. That bell weighs 24 tons and its ringing can only be heard on major religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter. The reason for the popularity of the Cologne Cathedral is not only because it makes a big impression on people. Every German knows how many efforts have made his/hers ancestors in order to build it. For everybody it carries symbolic significance. After World War 2 only two towers of the Cathedral were left as a symbol of the new beginning in Germany.

      The coach holiday in Germany will also give you the opportunity to visit the “Neuschwanstein” Castle. It is located in Bavaria and was built in 19th century by King Ludwig 2. The King built this castle on a high inaccessible hill in order to rest from people. Today Neuschwanstein Castle attracts tourists like a magnet. Although hidden in the forests of the Alps, this wonderful castle is visited annually by over one million tourists.

      The third most popular tourist destination in Germany, perfect for coach holiday, is Frauenkirche Church in Dresden. It is one of the most attractive protestant churches in Europe. After the bombing during the Second World War it was almost completely destroyed. In 2005 it was restored and opened its doors for visitors.

     The coach holiday gives you the chance to visit many other beautiful towns in Germany like Munich and Berlin. Visitors find the Oktoberfest in Munich very interesting. Amongst the most interesting spots in Germany are also the Brandenburg Gate, the television Tower and the Reichstag. According to a survey along with the great German landmarks, like San Souci in Potsdam, Zwinger in Dresden and the port in Hamburg, people like to visit also the castles, churches and forts that are located in Germany.

      It depends on you where you will choose to have your coach holiday. But what you should know is that it is an incredible experience.

The word for coach holiday in Danish is bestil busferie and in case you would like to go on one, you should click on the link. Don’t let the Danish website confuse you. You can translate it with Google Translator if you don’t understand it. Click here to see why it is a great idea to visit Germany during the summer season.


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