Sunday, December 17

Ufc 124 Results: Georges St-Pierre Outclasses Josh Koscheck For Five Rounds

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UFC 124 is about to begin. I jump into my car and race off to the local sports bar. Tonight, we will be at Buffalo Wild Wings watching free UFC PPV on their televisions. Grab a beer, grab some wings and enjoy the fun. Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck should be a good one.

The Results: Georges St-Pierre was just too much for Josh Koscheck at UFC 124. GSP schooled Koscheck in all five rounds of their Welterweight championship match. Georges St-Pierre wins the match easily 50-45 to retain his UFC Welterweight Championship. Josh Koscheck will have to go back to the drawing board. Who says nice guys finish last? Georges St-Pierre is one of the nicest MMA fighters out of the ring, but when the bell rings, GSP comes out swinging, kicking and throwing elbows. Georges St-Pierre gave Koshcheck a black swollen right eye in the first round and finished it off with four more dominating rounds. GSP was just too good for Koscheck. Dana White told Koscheck this was his last chance against Georges St-Pierre. He better hope Jake Shields or John Fitch beat the champion if he wants another shot at the Welterweight crown. Great job Georges St-Pierre, you fought a great fight at UFC 124 in Montreal, Canada

Pay-Per-View Bouts

Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck –Georges St-Pierre wins every round to retain his Welterweight UFC championship.

Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkle-This was a fast fight. Stefan McCorkle slams Struve to the ground; Struve reverses McCorkle and gets the mount. Stefan Struve pounds Sean McCorkle out. Stefan Struve wins by a TKO stoppage. Stefan Struve looked awesome, while McCorkle looked like he did not belong in the same ring with Stefan Struve. This was an awesome match for Stefan Struve at UFC 124.

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira-

Round One-Oliveira tries to take Jim Miller down, but Miller defends it easily. He in turn takes Oliveira down to the mat. Oliveira tries to get a guillotine, but Miller will have none of that, he wasn’t born yesterday. Oliveira tries a couple more submissions and the fighters scramble. Miller puts on a terrific knee-bar and Oliveira (to his dismay) has to tap out. Miller wins this fight at UFC 124 rather easily against Oliveira. This was a great submission win for Jim Miller. He is a crafty UFC fighter.

Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig
Round One-Stevenson lands good rights hook at the start of the round. Mac Danzig counter punches another Stevenson shot with a powerful left hook that knocks Stevenson out cold. Huge win for Mac Danzig at UFC 124. This was a tough loss for Joe Stevenson. The crowd loves a great knockout.

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard-
Round One-Alves lands punches and kicks when the men are on their feet. Alves takes Howard down and pound on him on the ground. Howard tries to get a heel hook but misses. Howard takes a ton of punishment in round one from Alves.

Round Two-Alves begins the round with solid punches; he lands leg kicks and an accidental groin kick, Howard lands some good kicks himself. Alves slams Howard down and pounds on him some more. He ends the second round by hitting Howard with some elbows.

Round Three-The action slows in round three, both fighters are tired. There is more exchanging, but Alves continues to get the best of Howard. Howard can take punishment, but you don’t win a UFC match by taking punishment. Alves wins a unanimous 30-27 decision over Howard. Alves looked very good in this match at UFC 124.

Preliminary Bouts-

Mark Bocek wins with a triangle choke submission over Dustin Hazelett

Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal-this fight was ruled a majority draw

Sean Pierson wins a unanimous decision over Matthew Riddle
Dan Miller wins a split decision over Joe Doerksen

Ricardo Almeida wins a unanimous decision over TJ Grant

John Makdessi wins a unanimous decision over TJ Grant

UFC 124 was a great evening of UFC fighting from Montreal, Canada on Pay per View. Georges St-Pierre retained his UFC Welterweight champions by outclassing Josh Koscheck. GSP proved (once again) he is a worthy champion. UFC gave us a couple great knockouts; Struve pounds McCorkle out on the ground, while Danzig puts Stevenson to sleep on his feet. Alves dominates Howard for three rounds and Miller submits Oliveira rather easily. UFC 124 was really entertaining and a fun night out on the town. Dana White put together another decent event for MMA fans all around the world. I can’t wait to check out UFC 125, Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard on January 1st for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

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