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How to Prepare For a Job Interview

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Whether in tough economic times looking for a new start or a vibrant financial situation merely seeking advancement, knowing how to prepare for a job interview properly can determine an entire career change and livelihood. Although there are many other factors that also surround the prospect of getting a new job, the interview portion is still regarded as a crucial stage, and of course serves as a manager’s face-to-face (or over the phone, at least) first impression of a potential new employee. Before you step out onto the path to get hired, there are a few reminders to remember.

Choose An Outfit

Entire other articles can be and have been written concerning the clothing choices for just such an occasion, but essentially, figuring out how to prepare for a job interview means figuring out how to give a great first impression, and your choice of outfit will certainly help determine that impression. When in doubt, overdress, as that will always have a better result than dressing too casually and not being taken seriously. Otherwise, just ensure that you meet the corporate culture and dress code of the company you are being interview for, and that your body’s hygiene matches the flawless nature of your clothing: Shower beforehand, apply deodorant, well-kept speaking skills, etc.


Hopefully, you have already done your research, since this is the location you would theoretically love to be working at for years ahead. Doing the proper research is a crucial part of mastering how to prepare for a job interview, as it will offer you several advantages. First of all, it prepares you for some of the questions you may get asked, such as “Why do you want to work for our organization?” or “What is your favorite thing about our company?” In addition, doing the research enables you to know the dress code as mentioned before, and knowing a provocative detail or two (the business’s mission statement, the latest shareholder’s report, etc.) that you can casually mention during the job interview might lend you a few bonus points in the first impression department.

Speaking Skills

No matter how well-dressed or well-researched you are, knowing how to prepare for a job interview will not help at all if you ruin your chances by presenting yourself poorly. Remember, a job interview is, at its most basic level, just your chance to give a presentation of yourself. Spend some time speaking to others, speaking to the mirror, holding a mock interview, or other exercises, in order to perfect your craft. Many find that they have bad interview habits that they need to get rid of, such as the tendency to touch their face while being spoken to, or incessant chair-swiveling. You will need to critically review your behavior in order to identify and eliminate these habits. Similarly, your speaking skills should be spectacular, and allow you to be confident and charismatic. Avoid “uh” and “um,” remain coherent and relevant to the topic at hand, and sound intelligent without trying too hard.

Of course, the prickly problem with job interviews is that even knowing everything about how to prepare for a job interview does not guarantee that you will be selected for the position. However, it will certainly put you at the best possible chance, and certainly a step above the applicants who did not know what they were doing.


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