Saturday, December 16

Squidoo Scam or Legit?

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Squidoo is the place for you to create your identity online. It’s a fun and wonderful way of learning at the same time earning. It does publishing services making it easy for writers to create “lenses”online. Lenses are considered as pages wherein everything you know about different topic are being gathered.  

It is among the top 100 visited sites in US. Members of the site earns from referral links to sites. The blogs here that you will be making are termed as “lense”.  The ones who create a lens is called a lensmater. There are a lot of subjects to choose from if you want to be a lensmaster and also you don’t need to become an expert in writing.  The site has been online for 5 years.

Creating your webpage takes around 20-30 minutes which will be lesser compared to time on those who are familiar with blogging. Earning on this site if too low that is why a lot of people are quitting.  It is a great website; there is nothing wrong on how well the website was made. But for those who wanted to earn online, this site is definitely not the right site for you. Finding success stories on this site would be a tedious job.

Personally, I would not recommend this site if your objective is to earn money. On the other hand if you only want to try blogging then there would be no problem with this site. Earning money online might really be something that is hard to find. I would share with you this site if squidoo is not the right one for you; introducing Bukisa. Bukisa is Great. Just write 10 articles and invite 10 friends using your own referral link and your earnings will start rising in a curve and you don’t need to write that long only 250 words is required. If you want to increase your earnings you can post articles and invite friend as many as you want. Join Bukisa Here!

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