Monday, December 18

Mortal Kombat Armageddon Review

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Fairness in game play has been INCREDIBLY improved. The development team has obviously made a great attempt at leveling the playing field between all characters. No more are there any characters or moves that seem inherently “cheap”, or impossible to block. All characters have their own individual fighting games styles and special moves, but the controls to execute the same type of move across characters is the same for all characters. This makes it easy to be proficient at multiple characters without having to re-learn an entire control map, while keeping the characters distinct styles and moves.KREATE-A-FIGHTER: One of the best features of the game, as well as something people have been asking for for years. Use gold coins earned in Konquest and Arcade mode to create a FULLY customizable character. Body type and features, clothes, special moves, fighting styles and moves, colors, weapons, etc. A feature that ads many hours of playability and really enhances 1-on-1 combat with a friend by creating your own foes to pit against each other.KONQUEST: This is the single-player campaign mode. It’s a simplified and refined version of previous MK action RPG’s, and conforms to the action RPG style of game play. You run around maps collecting coins and unlocking treasures in the game / Krypt. Along the way you fight enemies, solve puzzles, etc. Throughout Konquest you are pitted against various characters from MK at increasing levels of difficulty. Konquest is the main way to unlock extra costumes, characters, maps, etc. in the game. The only other way is to earn money and purchase the items in the Krypt. Konquest has a simple but solid story and gameplay engaging enough for you to keep wanting to play further & further.
LOTS OF CONTENT: More unlockables and content than any other MK game previous.
ENDURANCE MODE: Defeat as many enemies as you can. You get one bar of life, and each time you defeat an opponent a new one appears each time with extra difficulty.
MAKE YOUR OWN FATALITY: Because of the HUGE character roster, MK no longer has character specific fatalities. Instead there is a custom scripted fatality system, where you create custom fatalities on-the-fly when you finish an opponent. All-around an excellent addition to the Mortal Kombat series. Everything that a MK game should be is included, plus so much more! A game worth owning.Does this entertain you? if not then have this Shooting Games


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