Sunday, December 17

Learn to Access The Vast Intelligence in Your Subconscious

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Each of us has within us a source of unlimited intelligence. Obviously not everyone you know is a genius, however we all have the ability to to our genius subconscious mindset s when we understand how to do it.

The subconscious mind contains unspeakable intelligence, and it can offer you the right answers to any problems you may have in your life. It works using the Law of Attraction. When you access the sub-conscious mind you create using the Universal Law of Attraction the answers and solutions which you were looking for.

When you understand how to contact your subconscious and receive its messages, you will always have the right answer at the right time, the only answer to every problem, and the perfect idea when it matters most. Your subconscious knows what you want, and it puts forth its best effort to give it to you.

The issue with many folks is that they don’t give their unconscious mind an opportunity to speak to them, to get its steerage. The rationale is that your subconscious talks to you through your intuition, thru hunches, with flashes of insight, and thru your natural feelings and sensations. The issue is that most of the people are usually so wrapped up in thought that they miss signals of guidance from their wiser self.

One great way to begin accessing the amazing intelligence in your subconscious is to practice clearing your mind of thought. This is why many of us choose to meditate, because meditation is a clearing of thought out of your thinking mind. But you don’t have to do any special ceremonies or procedures to clear your consciousness of thought.

It simply takes practice. When you give your mind an opportunity to be a peace, meaning you seize the flow of thought that is consistently running through it, you give your subconscious the channel in which you can receive its messages.

infrequently sitting noiselessly and not thinking of anything I will gain discernment to questions and issues that I’ve been having, and lots of my greatest business ideas have came from this silent place between thoughts. Try sitting for 1 or 2 minutes and think of nothing at all, just be. Don’t speak to yourself or hear voices of dialogue, just simply hear the silence that’s around you.

If you’re able to do that, even for only one or two moments, you may feel a peace of mind and a deep seated joy that you could have never felt before, at least not deliberately. What you have done is accessed your subconscious, and you managed to feel its creative forces.

The more that you practice, the longer you will be well placed to clear your consciousness of thought. And after a little time you are going to be able to manage your thoughts all during the day, using your mind for the tool that it is and not letting it run the show. This will help you achieve wealth, success, happiness, and peace of mind.


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