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Generating Visitors to Your Affiliate Links to Build Your Internet Home Business

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Are you aware that 95% of affiliates do not earn any substantial income? This is obviously a pretty meager success rate. Affiliate marketing seems so easy does it not? You’re provided url’s to various products or services, then you drive targeted traffic to those links to generate streams of income.The more traffic you get, the more you make.

Is it really difficult to drive visitors to your affiliate links? Well I didn’t think so when I first begin affiliate marketing, and I was surprised that the vast majority of affiliate were not able to make money with their  Affiliate selling home businesses.

From the first week that I started my affiliate marketing program I was earning money, and I was sponsoring anywhere from five to twenty new associates each day. I do not say this to gloat, but to simply tell you it’s possible when you know what you are doing.

It was not that I used any secret strategies that no other marketing consultants know about. No, on the contrary I used the same marketing strategies that many people try to use. The difference was that I learned the way to do them effectively, and I put forth effort every day.

It really is true that you get out of affiliate internet marketing what you put it. If you’re prepared to pick 2 marketing methods, master them, and then exploit them every day, you too can have daily signups and constant business and revenue growth.

Some of the methods that I employed at the start which offered the most satisfactory results for my internet home business were article marketing, free online classified advertising, hosting small business adverts on craigslist, pay-per-click promoting, index advertising, and a large amount of recommendation by friends.

In fact I realized that many people whom I keep in communication with on a regular basis were interested in what I was doing online, so I had some business cards made up and gave them out whenever someone was interested.

This, on top of my daily article and classified advertising, and occasional pay per click selling, and I was able to build a trusty passive income in 2 months that allowed me to quit my job.

I continued targeting my business and revenue, and less than a year later I’m making more in a day and I used to it in a month, and on complete autopilot. Take the time to take a position in your small business, it will pay you back for many years to come with many affiliate promotion referrals and a large, leftover income.


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