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23 Best Usher Songs: Usher Best Songs Ever

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Usher Raymond has been in the music business and performing since he was only a child. Since then he has been one of the most successful and consistent artists of the past two decades selling millions of albums and spawning hit after hit. Needless to say it is difficult to narrow down his catalog having grown up with his music since elementary school but I managed to get it down to 23 songs that I think stand above the rest. Obviously this list is my opinion but if you’re looking to get into his music I think this list does a fine job of representing who he is as an artist. Opinions may differ but here is my list of the best Usher songs.

U Got It Bad– We’ve all had it bad a few times at least in our lives and this song captures the feelings perfectly.

Nice and Slow– Nice and slow is a pretty accurate description of this song and it was a major hit for Usher back in 1997.

You Make Me Wanna– This was the first song that I heard from Usher and is still one of my favorites from him not only because it’s catchy but it’s also relatable.

Let It BurnReally wanna work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change
I do but you don’t think it’s best we go our separate ways

U Remind Me– This song came out when I was a freshman in high school and made me go out and purchase 8701. It was in heavy rotation for a long while.

Caught UpThis girl’s got a hold on me.

My Way– My Way is the title track from the album that really established him as an artist, just another monster hit for Usher.

Confessions– This track stirred up a lot of talk about his relationship with Chili from TLC and for good reason just listen to the lyrics.

How Do I Say– How Do I Say was my favorite song off of 8701, it’s got a really slow pace and beautiful music accompanying Usher’s vocals.

If I Want To– On this track Usher brags about his ability to take a girl from her man if he only so chooses to do so.

Twork It Out– Got problems? Twork it out apparently.

Can U Get Wit It– This was one of his songs from his first album and it’s really fantastic for any age but he was still so young which makes it all that more impressive.

Whispers– Probably the best song off of that first album and it’s an ultra slow song.

Think of You– Definitely has a real early 1990s sound to it which isn’t a bad thing because this song is great.

I Don’t Know– Featuring Diddy and a solid beat behind him makes for a pretty fun song.

U Don’t Have to Call-I’ma be alright tonight you don’t have to call.

Hottest ThingYou’re the hottest thing in the club tonight having visions of making love tonight.

BedtimeCraving your body all through the night feels like I’m going through withdrawls.

Yeah!- Yeah was one of the biggest if not the biggest song of 2004, you really could not escape it.

Love in This Club– I love the instrumental on this song and can even live with the throwaway verse from Jeezy on here.

Trading Places– Trading places with a woman for a night and switching the usual roles of each sex.

Here I Stand– You can really tell how Usher has matured as an artist on this song if you compare it to some others on this list.

There Goes My Baby– Another big hit for Usher and just shows his longevity in the industry.


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