Friday, December 15

How to Maintain Your Computer

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Computer nowadays, plays an important part in our day to day living. It became one of the necessities in every house today. Having one would surely elevate your productivity level. There are a lot of computers available in the market which can definitely cater all your need. You can buy computer base on your budget since computers today are becoming affordable to the masses. When you purchase a computer you must definitely know how to take good care of it, or else it will give you expenses that you did not expect. Computers also need care, even though it is just a machine proper caring for it should be properly observed for it to function well and to do the things it is expected to do.

Here are some tips to maintain your computer:

Properly Shutdown Computer

  • Computer must properly be shutdown in order to give time for the computer to properly terminate all processes that are running done by our Operating System. Improper shutdown of a computer may lead to OS instability on your next use of the computer or worst it will cause your system to be corrupted.  

Visit only Trusted Sites

  • The internet is the primary source of virus that can surely be harmful to your computer. It will certainly decrease the performance of your thus also decreasing your productivity. If you cannot handle the virus on your computer you will definitely need to consult some person who knows how to do the job. That will be the start of its expense.

Give your computer a time to rest

  • If your computer is not in use, turn it off. This will give the components inside your computer a chance to cool down even for just a while. Excessive heat will surely decrease the life of your computer hardware.      

Clean your computer from dust

  • Dust is the primary reason for faulty computer. If your computer is always exposed to dust it will surely spell trouble. So keep your computer clean or the area where computer is place clean and dry.


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