Thursday, December 14

Spirit Good or Evil Spirit?

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This question I leave in the air, Because has vary religions and each one explains differently.

  • In the  Catholic religion says that when somebory died, and the spirit is appearing or even sense the person’s presence that dies, is because that necessary of a cult for the spirit to have peace.

  • Already in the spiritisn when a person dies and still to be wandering on he earth, is because he needs of something, he wants to ask something or simply prisoner in our world.

  • For the evagelical, when somebory is  died, it doesn’t return the earth, sleeps and only  wakes up in the day of the judgement, in spit that, about the conviction of each religion, already has serveral testimony of reports that we saw that the mystery exit in the world spirit.

In the refletion, I went back years ago, when I had  my 8 to 10 years of age, I lived in the neighborhood of the tower, City of Recife where today me alive, there was five room approximately of renting, I lived with my parents in one of them, and one of the room a family was disturbed because of spirit that made the resident that house, to lived your house, and I was  seeing things that were being thrown out of  the  house, cooking pots, cups, cutlery, plates, like someone playing estiversse  inside out, I remember I looked into that house, and nobory to come, and things remained being thrown out, and I admit, I was not afraid.

Now, after more then 30 years, something strange  happened in my  house,  we have a dog  called Bear, and he gets  angry with people who do not know, and, in Octuber 2010 came a  visit  and we put our dog to the room, my wife was the room talking with visit, my daughter was on the computer, and was in the back yard and suddenly my wife screamed, -Who let the dog out!- but, we discovered that our dog had not left in room, and my wife guaranteed that she saw a same white dog ours and that happened for twice.

  another epsode in December of 2010, my certain night wife had left home, I was moving in the computer and  my daughter was attending television in the  alone rrom in the sofa, and after a certain hour, my daughter came  to me and asked me,  

Dad, you came to room? I answered, not, while you were in the room I did not let the mputer, why? I asked, did my daughter tell me, while she was  watching television in th lights off, a man wearing a hat standing very close to it for a  while, as it was a littles darkness, she thought it was me, these spirit live in my house, but, are good or bad spirit? I leave that questions  in the air.       


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