Tuesday, December 12

Success in Failure

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Who would have failed?. Seems like no one is sure who want to experience failure in the various activities of life. But that’s life. Sometimes the effort that we do not bring results in line with what we want. In fact often the case, what we seek failure. Failure does make us sad and disappointed. Expectation of something desired good results did not materialize. Who is not disappointed. And the disappointment will be a failure is a very humane. The problem is, whether the failure of what we do is a futile effort?. So that we become lazy or eager to start or do not return these efforts fail?. When this happens, I think that failure was indeed a futile effort for us. Then, what should we do in the face of failure experienced?.

First, bear in ourselves that all the effort and the effort that we do not have any way as smoothly as we did. And the challenge of the obstacles he faced was a matter that must be passed in the effort or the work we do. Obstacles are the things that are very common. Is not a child who is learning to walk often fall because of the many new difficulties he faced. Difficulties or obstacles that make the child fall to make the child more intelligent recognize the obstacles that will make it fall. When he found out what caused it dropped, he has all bersemagat to continue his efforts to be good at running fast. The child’s spirit as he had imagined his efforts will be more easily because it has to know what is blocking its efforts. Yes, the conclusion is we should be more excited when we fell due to the obstacles that approach. The collapse or failure of the efforts we are doing an ordinary thing that makes us more easily achieve our goal.

Second, determine to yourself, that you face failure is a success delayed. By understanding the failure as described above in the first attitude, it is clear untu us that these failures merupkan a very valuable lesson for your business. Learning what makes you more smart and intelligent face barriers and obstacles in business you do. Learning what makes you closer to success you will desire. Learning what makes you get wiser in doing business. And I mentioned the failure as an excellent teacher to give education to success and our success.

Third, bear in yourself, that we face the failure of the business indicates that we are doing is correct and appropriate process towards the achievement of a successful destination. If you encounter a failure in your business, then you have the more eager to do business that is being undertaken. Because soon you will enjoy your success.

So, is not the failure of a blessing to our success. Why fear of failure. And these failures will lead us to success. If you like this story, who is not pleased and happy to face failure. If a failure, say, smiling gratefully, and do not forget the spirit of doing business just deal with failure. Good luck to you all. People fail to be immediately successful.


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