Friday, December 15

Using Winter to Quit Smoking “cold” Turkey

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Step 1: Ban smoking in your house. 100% banned. No bathroom or garage smoking either. Don’t allow yourself any excuses about it being late at night, raining, windy or cold. If the outside temperature bothers you so much then you’ll just have to wait until conditions are more favorable.

Step 2: Go outside for that much needed smoke. Just one little catch, all you can wear out is a hooded sweatshirt, and your regular street clothes. No extra winter clothes. The more miserable out there you are the less you will go out and the faster you’ll smoke when you do go out. You will soon find though that smoking fast when you’re freezing can be very nauseating.

Step 3: Smoke slower. If speed smoking is not making you sick, slow down anyway. The whole point is to make everything about the experience suck. Granted some days will be warmer and you’ll smoke more but your winter “more” still won’t be as much as your in door smoking.

Step 4: Put it out earlier and earlier. To end your misery sooner, start taking a few drags and then putting it out. Bring the cigarette butts in and save them for next time. At first you’ll just smoke less often. Then you will smoke less when you do go out. After a couple of weeks you’ll start feeling like it’s not worth the discomfort and begin avoiding it all together.

Step 5: Quit smoking cold turkey at least a month before spring. You’ll want to give yourself at least a month’s head start of being smoke free before the weather warms up. Once you’ve quit make it your daily goal to never light up again.

My Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Guide


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