Friday, December 15

Ideas to Keep The Kids Busy During Holidays

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When the school bell rings signalling the end of the day and the beginning of Christmas Break, every child is going to be excited with the idea of no classes for a few week and the anticipation of what Christmas has in store for them.  As parents and or caregivers, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure that the time off from school is used wisely, that the children are having a good time, and don’t get into the BORED ALREADY stage.  Check out these ideas to help keep your children and yourself entertained.


  1. Plan a Slumber Party, the holiday break is a long time for the children to be away from their friends.   Before school let’s out for the break, have your child send out a few invitations to a few close friends and allow them to have a festive sleepover.   It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as a birthday party, but it allows your child to stay in contact with friends.   

  2. Let your child help with the gift wrapping of gifts for their siblings, the other parent, relatives etc.   Children love to be involved in this sort of thing.   It keeps them entertained and who doesn’t like to wrap some gifts while listening to your favourite tunes on the radio or cd.

  3. Invest in some coloring books, word searches and crossword puzzles.   These work for children of all ages.  Also helps to keep the mind stimulated during a time when they are not in school.   Children will work on these things for hours at a time.  

  4. Have a movie marathon, gather up a list of your favorite holiday movies, or favorite movies in general.  The holidays are a great time to watch your favorites or check out new flicks as a family.

  5. Get creative!  make some crafts together.  

  6. Go Ice Skating, many areas have outdoor rinks and if you aren’t that lucky, you can find a indoor rink.  Check out public skate times, grab your skates and go have a blast.   Warm up after with a nice hot chocolate, you can treat your child while out or make some at home (maybe to relax with while watching your movie)

  7. check out your local listings to see what holiday activites are going on, such as parades, lights shows and other holiday events.

  8. Scrapbooking of this holiday season and or the past holidays enjoyed with the family.   This is something that you can sit down with your child with and have a blast doing.   

The holidays are indeed a busy time of year.  There is usually alot of time where you will be involved with holiday related activities with friends and family, but there will also be various times throughout the day that your child will be in desperate need of something to do.   So instead of having them sitting around and watching tv all day or playing video games, get involved with them, enjoy their time off with them, they will love you for it.


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