Thursday, December 14

Sadness And The Holiday Season

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During the Christmas season, we can experience increased feelings of sadness, hopelessness and other negative emotions.  These emotions can be realistic in nature or a response to unrealistic expectations of those around us.  We often lose sight of important factors in our lives and instead focus on gift giving and the commercialization of Christmas.  This can lead to sadness, fatique, feeling overwhelming or unhappiness.

Some ideas for tackling this holiday season are offered here but more elaborate solutions can depend on your likes and dislikes.  Unhealthy habits can make it difficult to enjoy the holidays and those habits can repeat themselves so now is the time to break the cycle.  These are only suggestions but may get you to think of your own this year.

Here goes:

-Find a solitary activity that is solely focused on reducing your stress level.  This is not for other people or for their benefit.  This is one selfish and nurturing activity that you must fit into your holiday routine.  This brings you momentary happiness and allows for me time.  Schedule this during the hustle and bustle whether you think you have time or not.  Make time for you!

-Buy yourself one gift that you have wanted all year.  Nothing expensive just something that says I worked hard all year.  If you don’t want anything, buy lunch for one of your favorite people and treat them.  Eitherway reward yourself

–Make a list for Christmas shopping and go to one store that will cover alot of these gifts.  This eliminates our tendency to allow shopping to dominate weeks or months.  Internet shopping is okay. 

-Schedule time to spend with a loved one before or after the chaos. This allows you the comfort of friendship and time to relax with a friend.   Spend the day reflecting and to socialize one on one

– Honor a person you have lost through a sentimental gift or keepsake.  This allows you to honor them and to make something that illustrates your feelings of loss. Focus on the positive memories rather than your loss during a holiday.

-Avoid alcohol or substances that exagerate depression or sadness.  Alcohol is fine but not when you are feeling sad

-Let yourself have fun and congratulate yourself on doing for others.  Give others a happier you by finding time to take care of yourself.  Don’t allow yourself to put you last!


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