Saturday, December 16

Robin Blue Celebrates Valentine’s Day, Differently

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Robin Blue, a handsome young man in his mid-thirties, was the kind of man who liked to do things differently and so when Valentine’s Day arrived, he sat in his room and put on his thinking cap.

     “I really don’t know what all the fuss is about, honestly!”  He said to himself, tutting.  “I mean it’s become so commercialised now.  Anyway, I’m not falling into any trap like falling in love or anything.  I’m going to do something in my own unique way.  I just have to plan it, that’s all.” 

     Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Robin ran downstairs to open it.  The moment the door opened, there before him stood a tall and attractive young lady, dressed in a light blue and white dress.  She eyed him up and down.

     “Well, aren’t you going to ask me in, lover boy?”  Robin was speechless and managed to smile nervously.

      ”Su…sure.  Won’t you please…come in…gasp…”  He was perspiring and fell on the ground and suddenly got up.   The lady smiled and entered his living room.

     “Please make yourself fomfortable.”  Said Robin, getting more anxious.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I meant comfortable, not fomfortable. Hah haa…haa haa haa.”  He laughed to cover his embarrassment.  The lady opened her blue handbag, took out a make-up kit and began to powder her face and apply lipstick.   Robin was still standing by the door.

     “I…I’ll make some tea, excuse me please.”  He rushed to the kitchen and put the kettle on.  He was really angry with himself.

     “Oh, why am I like this! She must be thinking I’m such a muppet.  I don’t know why I’m behaving so artificially.”  After some time, the whistle sounded and Robin prepared a cup of tea, but as he was about to lft the cup and take it to the lady, he heard the main door close.  He rushed back into the living room to find she had left. 

     “Darn, I never had a chance to even ask her who she was.”

On the same chair where she had sat, there was a note.  Robin held it in his hands and read out aloud.

     “I’m so thankful to you for making me so happy on Valentine’s day.  I had a really restless day and an argument with my ex-boyfriend, but when I came in and met you, I forgot about all my problems.  Now I’m okay and would like to meet you again.  I’m just next door to you.  Happy Valentine’s Day — Love from Kathy, your new next door neighbour.”  Robin’s eyes lit up and a smile formed on his face.

       “I don’t know why, but I think I can feel something for Kathy.  I think today, I have received the best Valentine’s Day gift of all, my soul mate!” 

     And so, from that day onwards, Robin had learnt his lesson, that instead of doing things differently, he would allow life and circumstances to happen naturally, the way they were intended, instead of his original approach of resisting everything and trying too hard.  In the days that followed, Kathy and Robin became very good friends and within a month, they were a very happily married couple and spent the rest of their lives keeping one another as happy as possible in more ways than one.

The Beginning.


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