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Utilizing An Incredibly Effective Technique For L.o.a. Affirmations

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A good number of individuals make use of affirmations to access their subconscious with whatever it is they want with the Law of Attraction. There are two problems that can work against this technique, both of which are completely negated by the use of switchwords. The first is the fact that long strings of words that make up traditional affirmations are not very convenient to use. Coming up with the perfect combinations of words to evoke a positive emotion can often be laborious, and it is not always easy to recall a long affirmation as a way of attraction wealth, success, and other desires.

The following problem goes back to our beliefs. As you know, convictions are the deciding factor of whether we get what we’d like or what we don’t desire. Confirmations sometimes have an adverse effect. If we actually do not believe that we can achieve the outcome we are hoping for, a little voice within ours heads will tell us “that is not true!” and can create destructive emotions.

As I mentioned, switchwords look after both of these factors. A switchword is a single word that embodies a whole desired result. So it isn’t critical to remember and repeat long sentences. The strongest factor of a switchword however is the undeniable fact that it takes belief out of the equation. As we all know, a repeated affirmation will continuously begin to be accepted by our subconscious mind, and as it is the required end result will start to appear in our life experience. The switchwords ( the list of that has over 100 words for categorical proposes ) right away pass on the wanted result to our unconscious mind, and no belief is required. Days, weeks and months of repetition are not required, because the subconscious instantaneously picks up on the required outcome and goes right to work.

I have limited room here so I’m just going to relate a couple of the most typically utilized switchwords, ones that may simply be used on an everyday basis. I will tell you whereabouts to find more switchwords at the end of this piece of writing.

Common Switchwords-

Up-To get out of a slump, to dispose of depression

Stretch-For a reinforced feeling of contentment

Praise-To make yourself more pretty

Hole-To attract the awareness of a lover

Divine-To call forth extra capability, to work miracles

Cancel-To eliminate unwanted thoughts

Be-For good health and reassurance

These words are some examples of the most promptly used, and most can be applied in a selection of circumstances. Each word relates a particular desired result straight to your unconscious mind, which instantly takes it up and begins acting on it. This is the LOA super-charged, and can really be a lot of fun to put into action. Test a couple of the switchwords out. An easy technique to get acquainted with them is to play with one at a time. Next time you can’t find your vehicle keys, begin repeating ( silently OR out loud ) the word REACH. You’ll be amazed at the rapidity in which you find them.

My favorites are count and find. I’ve been repeating them all throughout the day for only a couple of weeks and had so much astonishing cash flow into my life. Also , I have received many other things valuable ( dinners, gas, and so on. ) completely out of the blue. I’ve used reach many times. I used it to score very highly on a varsity examination that I wasn’t prepared for. It’s been lots of fun using the switchwords, and I’m enjoying them just as much ( if not more ) than when I first started to use other techniques of the Law of Attraction.


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