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T-Pain Best Songs: T-Pain 8 Best Songs

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T-Pain burst on to the scene in 2005 and since then he has it seems been featured on every radio single released since then with his autotuned vocals providing the hook. He really does get mixed reviews with some people not being able to stand him while others love him. Personally, I think that he does produce some catchy songs even if they aren’t the deepest expression of the human experience ever. So with that in mind I decided to make a list of what I think are the best songs by T-Pain to serve as an introduction to anyone who hasn’t already listened to him before. It’s a lean list of eight songs that I think will give you a nice starter on your music player if you so choose to put his music on there.

I’m Sprung– T-Pain gets into a relationship with a girl that is bad news but he is still in love with her and can’t help it. This was the first song I ever heard from him and it was inadvertently listening to a remix of the song.

I’m In Luv With a Stripper– This was a pretty big hit back in 2005 and the title is self-explanatory.

Say It– This is in my opinion the best song that he has ever made. The beat is just great and sounds like it was made for his slow auto-tuned vocals.

I’m High– My second favorite song by T-Pain featuring Styles P about smoking weed for the first time.

Bartender– Very radio friendly single with a catchy hook and was just made for the clubs. The year it came out you couldn’t escape it if you hit the dance floor.

Can’t Believe It– Lyrically this song seems especially weak, even for T-Pain. However, the instrumental is great, check out the remix by Trey Songz which I think is much better. Still, the original is still good enough to make the top ten.

Buy U a Drank– Another hit song that I don’t think is as good as Bartender but it is in the same vein as that song.

Tipsy– This song sounds really good with the instrumental and his vocals on the track but listening to the lyrics, not trying to get the girl drunk just tipsy enough is kind of shady. So if you can ignore that you got a hot song to listen to.


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