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Episode 6.09 of The Closer Review And Recap

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The ninth episode of the sixth season of The Closer begins in an apartment decorated with photos of the resident. The family of the woman who lives there has not heard from their daughter in several days, which is unusual. She also runs a blog which has not been entered in several days. Judy Lynn was found by a co-worker. Judy Lynn was murdered in her bedroom with a pillow. By looking at the apartment, the squad also notices she had hit her head on the wall near the front door also. Judy Lynn said on her blog she was going on a date. Judy Lynn was trying to be an actress, and was the last one left of a group that started out together. She blamed men for the fact her friends gave up their dream, and had produced a one women show called “Last Woman Standing.” The show kept her from getting dates, so she decided to meet men through an internet website under a fake name. The squad begins looking for her date.

Brenda is called to Chief Pope’s office where she is told she is to interview for Chief with the mayor tomorrow. Captain Raydor is there and has been assigned to get Brenda prepped for her meeting. Brenda wants to cancel the interview because she has a case and doesn’t want to be chief. Pope convinces her to assign the case off the Cdr Taylor and do the interview, after explaining to her that if she doesn’t go, all the people who supported her will be affected and might lose their positions.

Captain Raydor tells Brenda she needs to wear a more sexy dress to the interview and get a new purse. She also tells her the interview is just to see if she can get along with the mayor. The interview will be short.

The squad discovers that the man in question is Mark Torres, and he is meeting another woman about a date. The police put him under surveillance. The woman decides not to date him. Through the surveillance, the police discover that Torres has another date not at his home address. They decide to break into the apartment to prevent a murder. When they break in, they find out the guy is with his fiance.

Pope yells at the squad for entering the apartment and tells them to distance it from Brenda. Brenda talks them into letting her interview the suspect. Brenda scares up Fritz (FBI) and has Fritz ask him a bunch of questions. Torres lies to the FBI, which is illegal. Now the police can hold him in custody.

Brenda gets him to admit he slept with Judy Lynn. He says he didn’t kill her; she attacked him, became angry when he didn’t want to stay, and keyed his car.

The squad finds Judy Lynn’s final blog entry. They show it to Torres finance, who apparently doesn’t know anything much about what Mark has been doing with his time.

The squad gets the DNA results back. Mark Torres has DNA but not on the murder weapons. The squad reassess the apartment. A discussion with Tao leads Brenda to change her mind about the video recordings. It turns out that video recording access in the closet did not belong to Judy Lynn. She only had equipment in the bedroom. The squad begins to realize that someone else frequented the apartment. They know the landlord had a key. They need something to tie him into Judy Lynn’s murder. They bring Torez back to the murder scene.

Brenda starts talking to the landlord. She coaxes him into explaining he did indeed sneak into Judy Lynn’s apartment and watch her all the time from the closet. He would sneak in when she was out and leave after she was asleep. Brenda shows the landlord a car key with paint on it. The landlord knew the Judy Lynn had keyed the car with it. The only way he could have known that was if he was there and watched her leave to do it and come back.

The landlord admits when he left the closet that night, Judy Lynn caught him and began hitting him. He pushed her away to try to leave the apartment, and she struck her head on the wall. The landlord carried Judy Lynn to her bed and she woke up. She started screaming, so he used a pillow to keep her quiet. He didn’t mean to kill her. Lt. Flynn tells him to write down his story, and then he will read the landlord his rights. Torres asks Brenda why she brought him along. She tells him two reasons. One, she needed a witness to the confession. Two, she needed his car there so they could rekey it to have a key to show the landlord. Brenda suggests she could get the FBI to drop its charges if he repairs his own car and shows up to testify.

Brenda prepares to leave for her interview. She talks to Capt Raydor about how important it is for a women to get this job. She explains that she doesn’t like internal affairs, but thought she could move up in rank faster there. Brenda turns to grab her purse to leave and pulls a small, alligator type bag out of her huge purse to take to the interview. Off she goes to city hall.

This episode has two stories, the murder case which was tricky until the end, and the interview for Brenda with the mayor. One story ended, the other continued on until the next episode at least.

Brenda found out she did not want the Chief’s job; that she was happy where she was. Being concerned for her fellow officers, she went to the interview as Capt. Raydor suggested. Brenda stuck her neck out for them for once.

As far as the crime goes, Brenda was really needed there to solve the crime in an efficient manner. While Taylor knows police procedure, he is not as good at finding ways to close cases. Brenda was needed to bring this crime to a speedy conclusion, and show that Torres was not a mass murderer. Brenda has found her niche.


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